Top five reasons I haven’t had the Covid shot

I did a video on this and it was instantly removed by Vimeo And YouTube. They called it “disinformation”. I’ll let you decide if anything I’m saying here is a lie. 

Top five reasons I haven’t had the shot:

1. It was rushed to market. Effective vaccines take many years to bring to market, requiring extensive testing. I’ve benefitted from many of them. In the case of this shot, WE are the lab rats. We’re only just now beginning to see the horrible effects and the tragic stories and mysterious deaths in the news every day, if you’d care to look.

2. I HAD Covid. Until 2020, developing immunity once you’ve recovered from something was accepted by medical experts the world over. If that weren’t the case, human beings would have died out long ago. I last had the flu15 years ago. I had Covid two years ago. Haven’t had either one since.

3. Everyone, everywhere was pushing this shot and there was no exception for people who were Covid-recovered, pregnant, immune compromised, or anything else. Really? One size fits all? Lots of people can’t take ASPIRIN. My dad was allergic to penicillin!

4. Doctors and hospitals weren’t allowed to provide any treatment that violated the protocol set by the CDC. No early intervention with effective drugs that cost pennies and have been around for 60 years? Just send you home “and don’t come back until you can’t breathe”??? Since when do ALL doctors agree on ANY course of treatment for ANYONE?? Since when can’t doctors decide for their own patients what’s best? Since 2020.

5. Anyone who spoke out or asked questions was shamed, virtue signaled, cancelled, silenced, fired, threatened, censored, etc. If you’re certain what you’re doing is right, questions don’t scare you. What were they hiding? When my blind obedience is demanded, my nose starts twitching.

I have dozens more, of course. You’ll notice I have not mentioned who the President is or was, China, Bill Gates, WHO, population control, Qanon, microchips, or anything else. I don’t need to.

Heidi Harris

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Idiotic reporter: “Why can’t Christians have FAITH in the vaccines??”

Idiotic reporter: “Why can’t Christians have FAITH in the vaccines??” Oh, brother. “Christians and the vaccine” founder Curtis Chang is insulting those of us who dare to ask questions. That’s right, buddy. You caught us. We “distrust” the “miraculous” collusion of Big Pharma, MSM, and Big Tech. When someone wants to SILENCE anyone who disagrees, you know there’s a problem. Or the fact that suddenly natural immunity, created when you have something and survive it, is not given any credence. It was established science until 2020.
This has nothing to do with QAnon or microchips in the jab. Stop insulting us. BTW, Chang was offered as a guest for my show, and I told the bookers that would be great, but that I disagreed, and would ask him some tough questions. I never heard back. Go figure. Coward. 

Dr. Malone: “Most Journalists are Scientifically Unqualified” (to write about medicine)

“…corporate media and their reporters should stop trying to spin that which they do not even comprehend.” Dr. Robert Malone, one of the creators of the MRNA technology, had a great piece on his Substack about reporters who have no qualifications to write about medicine or medical breakthroughs, interpret study results, or anything else. Their only goal is to try to spin it the way their overlords want it spun.


This from “Illusions Destroyed” on Substack was an excellent analysis of our current situation. Worth the read.

This brave girl talks about her “transition” and why she “de-transitioned”


This brave woman shares her important story about WHY she got lured into the trans community and believing she needed to “change sex”, (initially by finding online camaraderie), the purpose it served in her life, and how detrimental it was for her in the end. This is a MUST READ if you have teenagers or young adults.

Doctor who said he wouldn’t cry at funerals of the “selfish” unvaxxed, DIES after his third does. Whoops.

This Canadian doctor had disdain for those who chose not to get the shot. He went so far as to say, “The collective argument to protect those who CANNOT get the vaccine who WANT protection – immune compromised, the very young – the homeless and disenfranchised. For those who won’t get the shot for selfish reasons — whatever — I won’t cry at their funeral!” Whoops. He died suddenly two weeks after his third dose.

36 year-old healthy mother dies from the shot! At least they’re admitting it…

Don’t take my word for it – her DOCTOR finally had to admit it. Can you imagine, two kids with no mom because she got a shot that she didn’t need??? To “prevent” something that had practical zero chance of killing her? The repercussions of this shot are profound, and now most who’ve gotten the jab are in full blown denial. Meanwhile, Bill gates is still talking about the need for boosters every 6 months….and kids have now been “approved” to get booster shots.

An infant inadvertently killed by the shot after her mom passes out

Baby DROWNS after her mother passed out a day after the Astra-Zeneca shot??? How many more of these will we see? People passing out driving cars, flying planes, operating other dangerous equipment? Leaving children unattended, etc??

The New rules of medicine, according to tech guru and Covid jab questioner, Steve Kirsch

Steve Kirsch, a Silicon Valley rich guy, who btw got the jab, and then started asking questions, has a great list of how the rules of medicine have changed in the past two years. Worth a read.

Follow him on Substack/SteveKirsch

No, these “puberty blocking” hormones aren’t harmless

What you may not know about some of these drugs being peddled by Planned Parenthood and now being championed by Joe Biden, is that they are NOT approved for blocking puberty in children, and the side effects, even for ON-label medical cases, (like treatment of prostate cancer), are horrific. Planned Parenthood would tell you that you can “turn off the switch” any time you’d like to, if you decide to stop taking them, but the drugs’ effects can last a lifetime.

The damage is often irreversible. As usual, Planned Parenthood, who makes money selling these drugs, doesn’t tell you the whole story. An excellent, brave book on this subject is “Irreversible Damage”. by Abigail Shrier. These drugs are dangerous, and they way they’re being prescribed now has not been approved. But if you dare to ask any questions, you’re silenced.

What’s the history behind this movement, and who stands to benefit? In 2018, The Federalist had a report.