The triggered brats at YouTube have shut me down!

Far be it from me to whine about being at the whim of the social media gods, but as of now, I can no longer post on YouTube, because I dared to speak TRUTH. There are people who have built their income on their YouTube channels and for them, this random censorship has been disastrous. Luckily, I was never one of them.

Every video that YouTube claimed “violated their standards” is posted on this website. You can watch for yourself and try to discern what those “violations” might be.

I’ve never dispensed medical advice, and I’m not a bomb-thrower like some other conservatives. In 24 years on air as a talk host, I have NEVER been sued for anything I’ve said. Opinionated? Yep. Irresponsible? Nope.

I don’t have to defend myself to people who know who I am and what I stand for. My work speaks for itself. It’s all right out there in public, in podcasts and videos, for the world to see. Nor will I beg some brat living in their parents’ basement for “social media mercy”.

I will continue to speak TRUTH, and continue to point out the idiocy of our times, the hypocrisy of our public officials and the willful negligence of our media. Many of them know the truth but choose to cover it up for fear of being fired or ostracized by their equally dishonest media colleagues.

I will post future “Headlines with Heidi!” videos to this site, ( and possibly links to them on Facebook and Twitter. As part of my “Headlines” series, I will soon be conducting interviews with political candidates and other interesting people, as I have throughout my radio career. And I will still be hosting my live Sunday night show on 97.1 FM Talk in St. Louis.

We who are asking questions during these times are on the right side of history, and we will be vindicated. World “leaders” are already backing down and changing the narrative, all over the place. See? We told you.

Things may get far worse before they get better, if they ever do get better. But God is still on the throne. Never lose hope. Those who think they have “power” now will be brought down soon enough.

“When my soul fainted within me I remembered the LORD…” Jonah 2:7

Heidi Harris



Facebook put me in a 7 day suspension for posting THIS meme:

Do they even realize how ridiculous they are? A bunch of triggered brats who can’t handle dissent. The good news is, by the time they leave their parents’ basement they’ll have had at least four boosters, so they probably won’t be able to reproduce.


Coach fired for taking a knee – to pray. Now SCOTUS will hear the case

This will be a pivotal case in America, for many people. Are you allowed to express your faith in situations like the one he was fired for? Is it okay in America to take a knee to protest (what you perceive as) “unfairness”, but not to pray? We’ll find out.

Over 1000 peer-reviewed articles about the dangers of vaccines

Here are links to hundreds of peer-reviewed studies showing the dangers of vaccines. I dare not post this to social media, since the so-called “fact checkers” living in their parents’ basements will no doubt be triggered, so here’s the list: Please check the links out for yourself.

Watch two-faced “Clean Face” Harry Reid sound like TRUMP on illegals in 1993.

Harry Reid made perfect sense back in 1993, talking about illegals, births, jobs stolen, costs to build schools, polls wanting illegal immigration stopped, etc. He sounded like Donald Trump. What happened???? The duplicitous creep knew exactly what he was doing by changing his opinion on the issue. He KNEW it was a disaster for America.

It’s sickening to see MSM lauding his accomplishments on immigration, or anything else.

Justice Gorsuch is one of THREE standing up for religious freedom

SCOTUS Justice Neil Gorsuch wrote a scathing dissent when the majority of Justices declined to protect the rights of NY health care workers to refuse the jab on religious grounds. I don’t care if you pray to a TREE, it’s your right. It doesn’t matter whether or not I share your beliefs. That is AMERICA. Apparently Justices Barrett and Kavanaugh seem to have forgotten that. (Luckily, Thomas and Alito still remember)

Only 17% of US households include married parents

The number of households led by moms and dads has fallen to a low not seen since 1959. The ramifications for every aspect of society are terrible. Here’s a 2014 report from The Heritage Foundation. Strong nations are built on strong FAMILIES.

Alex Berenson: Why you can’t trust US Covid data

Alex Berenson, former  NYT Writer, was banned from Twitter for asking legitimate questions about Covid. He’s still writing other places. I’m posting this here in case Facebook takes it down from my Heidi Harris Show page.

CDC has no record of Covid-recovered people spreading Covid. That’s weird.

Tell this to your scaredy-cat family, who won’t have you at their Thanksgiving table. Apparently the CDC has no record of anyone who is Covid-recovered (like me), and unvaxxed, catching Covid later and spreading it to others.

Weird, huh? Who’d ever think someone with natural immunity would be infectious? After all, this has never been the case throughout medical history. You catch something, and if you survive it, your body has some protection against it for the future.

If that weren’t true, humanity would have died out a few thousand years ago. Do you think the vax zealots will believe this? They’d rather believe that their choice to get the jab was the right one, so they’re digging their heels in, going down with the vax ship.

And how about those daycare proponents who used to tell you it was a good idea for your kid to get all those runny noses. “Builds up immunity”, they (used to) say! Lies, lies, lies…..when will people stop believing them??

My newest project: “Headlines with Heidi!”

Looking for my snarky take on the news in the morning? Many of you have missed me on local Vegas radio, (I get your emails and FB comments about it), and although I don’t miss doing a daily three-hour show, I do have some opinions on the daily news that my poor husband has to hear each morning. So I thought I’d share those with YOU.

Every weekday, I’ll sit at my kitchen counter and chat about some headlines, giving you my snarky take and including YOUR comments on the news, too! And of course I’m still doing my Snday night show in St. Louis each week 5-7 PM Vegas time, 7-9 PM STL time.You can catch them live on Facebook, The Heidi Harris Show” page, or find them on You-tube Heidi Harris Show page.