Does anyone who voted for Trump care about his tax returns?

Is anyone surprised at this? The left has again brought us breaking news: that many “rich” people aren’t really that rich, or don’t really have that much liquid cash, when you look below the surface.

How do you define “billionaire”? That you control an empire and assets worth a billion, but might not have much actual cash flow? He might well be, if everything were to be sold off.

I’m no tax expert, but I know many businesses manipulate the numbers and operate with a certain amount of “losses” to avoid pay more taxes than they should. I’d love to see the tax returns of half of Hollywood or Washington DC. For many so-called wealthy people, there’s a lot of bulls**t and bluster.

Once again, will this change any minds? I think not. As always, the people who hate him will say, “I told you so!”, and the ones who love him will hold their hands over their heads and go, “la la la”!

Heidi Harris

#WhyIDidntReport then, and I sure can’t now

I don’t have a lot of sympathy for Brett Kavanaugh’s accusers. How can that be? After all, aren’t all women supposed to stick together? Aren’t all men potential perpetrators, just looking for an opportunity? Shouldn’t all women be believed automatically? 

I have no sympathy because there’s no way for her to prove it, and no patience for this because I have been there myself. I didn’t go public about it until this week, because, like Dr. Blasey, I can’t prove it, and there’s no point in trying to destroy a man without any actual evidence. 

I remember more specific details about my attack than Brett Kavanaugh’s accusers do. I can tell you his name, where I was, what kind of car we were in, and what I was wearing, which included a coat, turtleneck and pants. Years later I learned my attacker had a pattern of this type of predatory behavior, when other girls from my high school talked to each other about it. Had any of us known at the time, he would have run out of girls to go out with. But he counted on our silence, and the fact that most of us wouldn’t warn others. 

Three quarters of the time women are victimized by people they know. They are co-workers, dates, or friends. Under my circumstances what was I going to do, scream? He didn’t beat me or leave bruises on me. He was simply stronger than I was. It’s a story far too many women can tell, but in my case, even if I had claimed sexual assault that very same night, how could I possibly have proven it? 

He would’ve said, “We were just making out, and she was okay with going further.” And there would’ve been nothing I could have done to refute it. When I was in high school women just didn’t speak out about those kinds of things. And did I mention he was rich, good looking, and popular? I was going to make a claim against a guy a lot of girls were lining up to date? Good luck with that. 

I don’t recall hearing about anyone being raped in my school, and yet now I know that it happened to numerous girls. Nearly 40 years later, the last thing I would do is accuse my attacker of something he can’t defend against and I can’t prove, even if he ran for President. What would be the point? Again, if I couldn’t have proven it that night how can I possibly prove it now?

In the case of Brett Kavanaugh’s accusers, if we believe the first one’s story, even if she had spoken out immediately, or run out of the room screaming, at a drunken teenage party, who would have come to her rescue? Have you been to an unsupervised teenage party? Everyone disappears into bedrooms, and that’s the end of it. No one cares what goes on in other rooms. After all, she wasn’t bruised or beaten, so everybody would’ve laughed it off.

The guy who victimized me and other girls at my high school demonstrated a pattern of attacking women. Perpetrators like Bill Cosby, Bill Clinton, Harvey Weinstein, Darren Sharper, etc., have demonstrated long patterns of bad behavior with women. A young man who gets away with abusing women usually doesn’t stop. Why should he?

There is absolutely nothing in Brett Kavanaugh’s entire career and life that points to a pattern of bad behavior with women. Over sixty five women he went to high school with have defended him. Ex-girlfriends have publicly defended him. No one else, left or right, has claimed he was anything other than respectful. As far as I’m concerned, that alone is compelling proof that their claims are false. 

I’m not sure what Brett Kavanaugh’s first accuser thought was going to happen when she sent the letter to Diane Feinstein. Dr. Blasey’s accusations were their last shot at derailing him; didn’t she think her name would come out? It’s not possible or fair to lob grenades at somebody and remain anonymous, especially when the stakes are this high for Kavanaugh and the nation. 

The additional accusations are sickening, and either they are true, in which case he should not even possess a law license, or they are a complete fabrication, in which case the accusers should go to jai. Those of us on the right view this as nothing more than a political ploy to try to derail Kavanaugh’s confirmation and delay any other nominees until after the midterms.

The Senate Judiciary GOP is offering the accuser a chance to testify publicly, which I promise you is far more than Harry Reid would have offered if a Democrat Nominee  were on the line. But now her defenders are asking, “How could she possibly remember all the details? After all she was traumatized!”, and claim that she’s just going to be sliced and diced by the members of the Senate GOP. You wanted to be HEARD? Here’s your chance, sister. 

If the witness isn’t credible after all the accommodations made by the GOP and they cave on this, they will be decimated in November. And who’d want to be the next male nominee anyway? Step right up, fellas. Who’d you know in Middle School…?

I’ve actually seen columns from lefties decrying the due process Kavanaugh is entitled to receive. Let me get this straight – any woman, any time, under any circumstances, should be believed without affording due process to the accused? Yep. Apparently so, in today’s America.

This goes far beyond left or right politics. This is about putting half the population on notice that the other half can take them down at any time with decades-old accusations that cannot be verified or refuted. 

Feminists have hijacked the #MeToo movement and made it nothing more than the latest weapon to bring men down, which also conveniently ignores legitimate victims like me or anyone else on the Right. If Brett Kavanaugh’s career can be derailed by specious claims, all men had better beware. Someone you don’t even remember might be coming for you next. 

Heidi Harris

It’s not “fake news” just because you don’t like the source

A recent news headline about the NRA’s precarious finances really demonstrated the way some people completely shut out any “news” from any source that isn’t right leaning. I check all kinds of news sources every day, and the story about the NRA was mostly carried by left leaning sites. So what? Of course the right leaning sites don’t want to talk about it. But lefty sites dancing on the grave of the NRA doesn’t make it “fake news”. 

Here’s what the NRA said in their lawsuit: 

“…The NRA has suffered tens of millions of dollars in damages based on Defendants’ conduct… Such damages include, without limitation, damages due to reputational harm, increased development and marketing costs for any potential new NRA-endorsed insurance programs, and lost royalty amounts owed to the NRA, as well as attorneys’ fees, legal expenses, and other costs.

….If the NRA is unable to collect donations from its members, safeguard the assets endowed to it, apply its funds to cover media buys and other expenses integral to its political speech, and obtain basic corporate insurance coverage, it will be unable to exist as a not-for-profit or pursue its advocacy mission. Defendants seek to silence one of America’s oldest constitutional rights advocates. If their abuses are not enjoined, they will soon, substantially, succeed.”

I was very disappointed in some of the responses I got on Facebook (FB: The Heidi Harris Show). Many people automatically dismissed it as “fake news” because the link posted was from the New York Post. Not exactly a left-leaning site, at least not politically. Some instantly dismissed it as “fake” without taking one minute to look it up for themselves, or check other sources. 

I read the lawsuit, filed by the NRA against the State of New York, to find the “money quote”, and the press isn’t lying. True, the NRA may be overstating their liquidity problems just for legal purposes. But if they are prohibited from doing business in New York with virtually every insurance company or bank because of Governor Cuomo’s “blacklisting” of the NRA, which intimidates various companies from working with them, that’s a problem.

I’m not going to litigate the case here, but what the NRA stated in the lawsuit was accurately reported by the Press, for the most part. What’s scarier to me is this “cult” of people who automatically dismiss anything from any web site they don’t like as “fake news”. 

I was fired from a radio job last year because I stood up for family values, and most members of the media and various TV outlets were dancing on my grave. I’ve been a wasp at their picnic for years, and they don’t like anyone speaking out for Christian values. I was one of the more high profile people in Vegas doing that, so they were glad to see me go. But that didn’t make it a LIE that I was fired. 

The way some outlets characterized the reason for my termination was largely dictated by their bias, of course. My former employers wouldn’t go on record, so the Press made things up. For example, some claimed I had said gay people should never be able to adopt kids, and I never said that. Nor did I say that gay people can’t be good parents; something else that was falsely attributed to me. The bias of those reporting a story is something everyone has to take into account, but the facts of a situation are facts, and I was fired for saying kids do best with a mom and dad. 

Back to Trump. Yes, most of the Press hate him, and yes, it’s true the left leaners can’t say anything positive about him, ignoring any success he might achieve. However, we cannot nor should we evaluate everything said about President Trump based on WHO said it. That’s some scary territory to live in. A story isn’t true unless Fox or The Daily Caller report it? You don’t even check?

“Consider the source” is an often quoted phrase, and it’s based on common sense. Of course you must always consider where something is coming from and who the “news” benefits, whether it’s an acquaintance spreading gossip or something in the news. The bias of the reporter or news site will always exist, but you must not automatically dismiss bad news when you don’t like the messenger. 

Heidi Harris


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Whose (political) side is God really on?

People of faith like to believe that decisions they make are God-inspired. Their interpretation of the scriptures leads them to the conclusion that God would be fine with whatever it is THEY want to do. 

Politicians are no different. Maxine Waters, the Congresswoman from California, recently stated that “God is on our side” when she called for harassment of Trump supporters, advocating they be driven from the public square, including stores and businesses, simply for being…Trump supporters. 

Of course white racists, who believed blacks should be kept out of various public areas simply because they were black, often used The Bible to justify their actions, and they too, were wrong. 

Race is not discussed in the Bible, and racial distinctions shouldn’t exist among Believers. In Galatians 3:28, the Apostle Paul makes it very clear: “There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” And since people of all colors were enslaved during Biblical times, race doesn’t apply there, either. 

Whose side IS God on these days? When it comes to immigration, the left would have you believe that God doesn’t want borders, and that we should allow anyone to come in without restrictions. In Acts 17:26, God makes it clear that there ARE boundaries to nations: “From one man he made all the nations, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he marked out their appointed times in history and the boundaries of their lands.” That doesn’t mean people can’t come in, but nations have a right to control the flow of migration.

When it comes to poverty, poor people should always be considered and cared for, and the left thinks giving handouts is “compassionate”, but Jesus never calls on government to do the job. Rather, the Bible says, “If a man doesn’t work, neither should he eat.” 2 Thessalonians 3:10. Giving handouts without asking able bodied people to work is damaging to them. 

But the larger issue is not who’s right about a particular political issue, but what are we supposed to do as Believers? Jesus had to deal with some nasty government officials, and so did Paul, John and many of His other followers, then and now. 

Government is made up of people, and people are flawed. Sometimes they’re incompetent, other times evil. Rarely does the best person get elected or appointed. Jesus never said, “It would be great if you all could follow me, but so-and-so’s in office, so let’s wait until things get better.” 

Are certain leaders put in place at certain times, either to judge or bless a nation? Yes indeed, and the Bible is clear about that, too. Romans 13:1: “…there is no authority except that which God has established.” 

I actually heard some Republicans say, “Trump’s gonna save us!” at various events I attended before he was elected. I always corrected them. “NO, he’s not”, I told them. “He doesn’t have that power.” 

We are commanded in Psalm 146:3 to “not put our trust in princes…”, precisely because they don’t have the power to save. Read the Old Testament. King after king “did evil in the sight of the Lord…”, yet God’s plan was never hindered or thwarted in any way. 

As Believers, we have an obligation to live our lives as unto the Lord, and do our best to glorify Him, regardless of who’s in power. Our nation will continue as long as He sees fit, and if our nation were destroyed tomorrow that would not destroy God’s plan for each of us. 

Pray, vote for people of character, maintain vigilance, and try to make the world a better place, but don’t get caught up in thinking that the hope of our nation rests in any President or Supreme Court Justice. 

I Corinthians 8:5-6: “For even if there are so-called gods, whether in heaven or on earth (as there are many so-called gods and lords), yet for us there is but one God, the Father, from whom all things came and for whom we live; and there is but one Lord, Jesus Christ, through whom all things came and through whom we live.”

Morning Drive and Addiction

This very honest account from a local radio host, who for decades was part of a hugely successful morning team, really hit home with me. Although I have not struggled with addiction (if you don’t count Excedrin or sugar), I do understand what it’s like to have to get up at 3 AM every day and try to make yourself go to sleep at 7 or 8 PM. 

Unlike this guy, I could never take Excedrin PM or anything like it because I would feel like a zombie in the morning. I took Ambien ONCE when I was on KDWN and living on two hours’ sleep a night. My doctor prescribed it. I took it at Noon, figuring that I’d have 15 hours to sleep it off before I had to wake up. 

When my husband came home from work at 5 PM, I was asleep in the den. My FIVE dogs, (four over 70 pounds), barked like crazy when Daddy came home, and I NEVER woke up. That was terrifying. I never took it again. 

Don’t get me wrong: I was always wide awake at 3 AM, ready to take on the world. That part you get used to, believe it or not. Most days I was up before my alarm clock. What’s tougher is trying to force yourself to sleep when your body isn’t ready. You feel like an 8 year old kid ALL the time…”gotta got to bed…gotta go to bed…”. And it really sucks in the summer, when it doesn’t get dark (or nice outside) until 8 PM. You want to tell everyone, “Shut UP, I need to go to bed!” 

You spend your days doing nothing but looking for a nap. And you can’t get mad at anyone who’s mowing grass or making any other noise at 2 PM, just because it’s YOUR nap time. I used to be a complete zombie between 11 AM and at least 1 PM. (You can ask anyone who called me). I had to leave a couple of Boards I was on because I couldn’t stay awake during meetings. 

Business lunches are out because you’re falling asleep, and dinners or evening events after 6 are out, because you “gotta got to bed”, and if you stay out, you can’t wind down when you get home. I emceed some evening events, but I was always on one or two hours’ sleep the next day. I had to weigh whether the event was worth the lack of sleep. 

If you don’t nap, and your spouse works normal hours, you are a cranky jerk when they come home. And it’s not good for your marriage to be in your PAJAMAS headed for bed (to sleep) every night when they walk in the door. So you NEED to get that nap in, but then it makes is harder to get back to sleep.

It honestly feels like every 12 hours you’re back in bed. 

Throw in the demands of station appearances in your “off time”, and I can certainly understand how a host could get into deep trouble, just trying to feel normal. 

I can’t even imagine doing AM drive and trying to raise kids.

People who have never worked what is essentially a graveyard shift have no idea what it’s like. They say really helpful things, like, “But you have the WHOLE day, to do anything you want!” (All I WANT is to sleep).

Weekends? Not much better. You wake up hours earlier than your spouse, even if you’d like to sleep in, and of course you’re nodding off by 8. There’s a Big Night Out! 

Experts say you should stay on the same schedule to keep your body used to it, but that’s tough unless you never want to go anywhere or do anything. 

This isn’t to meant to sound whiny, because I had many great years on air in mornings and I thoroughly enjoyed it, but just to tell you that I totally sympathize with this host, who had the added pressure of being number 1 for decades. Money can buy you anything but sleep. 

Heidi Harris

Advice to Candidates

I’m no campaign expert, but in 20 years of talk radio I’ve learned a few things about running for elective office. Here are my tips, and you can take them for what they’re worth: 

If you’re going to run for elective office, ask yourself WHY, and have a good answer. People will expect one. “Because I want the business card” doesn’t cut it. If you’re only seeking a title or glory (which most are), you won’t last long. 

Decide WHICH which office you want to run for and which specific issues or problems you can realistically address or solve if elected. Don’t campaign for School Board or Senate and talk about things you have no power to control legislatively.

Talk to some political experts before you decide to run. Gauge your name recognition, the political climate, who your opponents are likely to be, who will be supporting them and not you, and again, how strong the incumbent is.

Talk to MORE than one or two people. And if all of them advise against it for one reason or another, even if you think their assessment of your brilliance or the incumbent’s incompetence is unfair, you might decide not to move ahead. You can’t buck everyone in the system and win. Even Donald Trump didn’t do it that way.

Oh, and here’s some breaking news: Consultants, printers, and PR people will sometimes lie to you and encourage you to run because they stand to make money off your (doomed) effort. At the end of the day, YOU will have lost the race. Voters won’t remember anyone else’s names. Be realistic about your chances.

Pick the right TIME time to run and the right office to run for. You may really want to be a Senator, Congressman, etc., but there are times it just doesn’t make sense to run, because the seat is held by an incumbent you may loathe but who has a tight reign on it. This may just not be your year. You might have an easier chance with another office or an open seat. 

Be sure you know the facts about the office you seek, what the job actually entails, and the issues voters care about most. The fact that you can enthrall your friends with your amazing ideas at your backyard party doesn’t mean others will be as impressed. Remember, the people who like you often won’t tell you the truth. They’ll applaud anything you do. 

(I get asked every year to run for office – what does THAT tell you?) 

If you don’t have any money or any way to raise it, you’re doomed. You simply are. Politics shouldn’t be about money, but getting your message out costs money, and so does refuting your opponent’s claims about you. That’s just a fact. If people don’t believe in you enough to support you, walk for you, or give you money, that speaks volumes to voters. 

If you have no campaign manager, no name recognition and no momentum, don’t call MY show or any other talk show for an interview and hope that a few minutes on air will make up for your lack of diligence, money, or preparation. We don’t have that much power. (We wish we did sometimes)

NO, the fact that you’re well known in one field does NOT mean you’re popular or will be taken seriously by those in political circles. You have to earn their respect before you earn that of the voters, and that takes time. No one is going to put a crown on your head because you’re been on TV or a stage for years. (Unless you’re Donald Trump) 

Running for office is hard work, but we need good people or our nation will suffer. Don’t give up if you want to make a difference, but get your ducks in a row! Take running for office as seriously as you’d take the job, and you just might have a chance! 

Heidi Harris

What? Heidi Has a NEW Show on Local Radio? Yep!

Well, after a few months off from commercial radio, during which I’ve been podcasting, writing, speaking, and promoting my latest book, I’m happy to announce that I will be bringing the Heidi Harris Show to AM 670 KMZQ beginning Tuesday, May 1st. 

I’m very excited about doing this show, which will air weekdays from 9-10 AM. These hours will allow me to have something very unique in talk radio – a radio show and a LIFE. As you can imagine, talk radio is a very consuming business, and honestly, as I’ve told people for six months, I haven’t missed my previous schedule one day. 

Don’t get me wrong – I love talking about issues that matter and how to make our country better, but I haven’t missed the attachment to the phone, news updates, etc. Striking the balance has always been a challenge in talk radio, as it is in many other occupations, when you have news and information coming at you 24/7.

I had no idea that I’d ever do another talk show on commercial radio, and I’m thrilled at the chance to do it again. God opened a door I didn’t even knock on, as only He can do. 

My detractors who thought they silenced me never actually did, as I continued standing up for Truth in various forums. No one can stop God’s plan for a Believer’s life, and they waste their time if they try. 

Who would have guessed a local station would flip to conservative talk a few months after I’d been fired? Certainly not me. What were the odds that would have happened? Worse than the odds in Roulette. 

And who would have guessed that KMZQ would invite me to join their great lineup of real conservative hosts, including Medved, Prager, Gallagher, and Elder? Certainly not me. 

All this goes to prove is that God’s plan is greater than we can ever imagine. My identity has never come from my occupation, and if God had wanted me off the air forever I would have been fine with His plan. But He clearly had other things in mind for me. 

My new show at KMZQ is an exciting opportunity to once again talk about local issues from an actual local’s perspective – someone they can’t lie to because I was here before these politicians were politicians. And of course we’ll be taking your calls on the biggest news stories of the day. 

I thank all of you who have been so incredibly supportive during the last few months, and have prayed for me, followed me, read my book, and listened to my podcasts. It means more than you’ll ever know. 

I look forward to this new show, and I hope you do too! Let’s make it a weekday date, 9-10 AM! 

Standing firm,


Evangelical meeting turned to Trump bashing. Not very helpful, Brethren.

Recently a meeting of evangelical “leaders” got nasty when it degenerated into Trump bashing, causing many to walk out.

Christians cannot and should not make excuses for anyone’s moral failures, including our own, or those of our President. But we also should respect the office. Yes, we should always hold our elected officials accountable, and thank God we live in a country where that’s even possible. 

I have to ask those self-righteous “leaders” who complain about Trump’s failures: What was your plan? Stay home and get HILLARY elected? Those were your choices, kids. Jesus wasn’t on the ballot. 

“How could any evangelical vote for him….?” I’ve heard that argument over and over. Once again, it was HIM or HER. There were other (also flawed) people running, but they didn’t get the nomination. And how many sins have YOU “leaders” committed, hmm? 

As I have stated in the past, Trump’s moral failures become our business when they could lead to blackmail, or when they become a distraction to what he’s trying to accomplish for America. 

Yes, he’s narcissistic and shallow, like most of our leaders have been.  Those are qualities shared by nearly every boss you’ve ever had, but that doesn’t mean there’s no value to what they say or do. 

I honestly think Trump never expected to win, but I also believe he’s trying to do what he believes will make our country better. He has done things that will have lasting impact on our nation, flawed or not. And if all he accomplishes during his time as President is to put a speed bump in the Dems’ schemes, that’s more than enough for me. 

We follow God, not public officials. Christians have a duty to live their lives according to GOD’S plan, regardless of who’s in charge. Read the Old Testament. How many bad kings “…did evil in the sight of the Lord…”? I lost count. Yet the people were expected to follow God’s plan, not man’s. 

What about the New Testament, when evil rulers like Nero were in full swing? Did the Apostle Paul say, “You really need to protest Nero, he’s morally bankrupt…” NO. He called for Christian UNITY, which has never been related to any rulers. 

Those so-called evangelical leaders had better remember that we are to lead our lives according to God’s plan, not man’s. We will have good rulers and bad, but our responsibility is to God. And thanks to our Founding Fathers we have a pretty good system in place that prevents the bad rulers from doing too much damage.

Romans 13:1 “Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.” 

Squabbling among the brethren is what The Enemy wants. He wants to sow discord, because that’s how he makes headway. We need to stay focused on God, not ANY politician. We must pray for our leaders, that they would take good decisions, but we must always remember that God put them there, and His plan is not affected by them. 

Psalm 146:3 “Do not put your trust in Princes…”

Heidi Harris

#MeToo And The Effect Fathers Have on Girls

The problem we have with the #metoo women is very simple – some women don’t understand men.

We have several generations of women in America today who grew up without fathers, or at least good fathers, and you can blame Mom for that. It was her decision to marry or breed with a bum. The FIRST person who affects your destiny is your mom, by choosing your dad. 

The ability to love and appreciate men doesn’t start when you hit puberty, ladies; it begins when you’re a little girl and you’re the light of your father’s life. When you know that he would never hurt you and that you can trust him completely. That foundation and belief makes you a stronger girl, and a adult woman more equipped to handle things in life, including men when they’re unprofessional or condescending in the workplace. 

Too many women today don’t have a balanced view of men. They are offended by masculinity in any form. They are freaked out by men who hunt or are willing to die to protect the freedoms we all take for granted. Good luck with that man search, ladies! You’ve brought this on yourselves. I guess you want a she-man you can boss around. 

If you have a balanced view of men, you’re not offended anytime a man pays you a compliment, or “triggered” by a catcall. 

Women are hooking up on the first date, before even finishing that first drink, moving in by the second date, and then we whine that men don’t respect us? We have cheapened our brand, ladies. 

A study conducted by Career Builder a few years go found that 40% of people surveyed have dated someone at work, and many of them have dated more than one person at work. People are working longer hours, but with all the “sensitivities” in the workplace, good luck finding love there. You’ve got men scared to death.

Nowadays, if a man tells a woman he likes her dress, he’ll wind up in HR, even though she spent an hour choosing that dress because it would appeal to the men in the office or her male clients.  

In my first book, Cocktail Waitress Wisdom, Life Lessons Learned While Carrying a Tray in Las Vegas, I describe the numerous situations I handled myself. I’ve been working for nearly 40 years, and have never filed an HR complaint about a male co-worker or supervisor, although I certainly had cause a time or two. I have handled it myself, every time, like a big girl.

We want to fly fighter jets and run the country, but when it comes to men being men and the sexual tension you’re bound to find in a workplace, we act like some 1920’s movie star having a fainting spell. That doesn’t bode well for your love life or the future of our nation. You want respect, ladies? Demand it. But you won’t find it whining in HR. 


Heidi Harris

Two Appearances Today!

Today at 11:30, I’ll be speaking at the Nevada Does Business lunch at Gordon Biersch, Paradise and Flamingo. You can come by and have lunch ($26) or just stop by and buy a book ($15, or $20 for both my new book and my first book)

Or you can stop by the Nevada Business Meeting at the Art Gallery at Neonopolis downtown. I’ll be there at 2 PM with my books. Other speakers will include Bob Beers, Danny Tarkanian and Dan Schwartz!