Heidi Harris Show Podcast #31: Banning Gun Accessories Solves Nothing

When will we learn? Parents have destroyed families in America, don’t pay attention to what their kids have in their ROOMS, yet we blame gun accessories? Your kid has an arsenal in his room that you’re unaware of, and it’s TRUMP’S fault?

The Trump “ban” on gun accessories will not be implemented, because it’s too vague, and even if it were, it would solve NOTHING. Nor will it garner the GOP any extra votes in the next election.

These Florida kids whining about gun control need a history lesson on what happens to people when only government has guns. The major missing link is that teach kids that they aren’t created for a purpose, so who cares what they do? We only invite God to the party AFTER the shootings. We are completely missing the point.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #30 – Gutless Christians Need to Stand Up!

A JUDGE in Ohio has taken a child away from her parents because they refuse to give her LIFE ALTERING hormones to cure her “gender dysphoria”. It’s complete insanity, especially since MOST people who have those treatments live to regret it. The parents want her to have counseling, to address the root causes of her unhappiness, but the grandparents want to allow her to make these PERMANENT decisions at 17 because she’s threatening suicide. So she’s troubled AND manipulative? Wait ’till she loses her ability have kids. This is terrible violation of parental rights.

I wonder if that same judge would have given her grandparents custody if her parents had refused to buy her a GUN?

The culture war is being lost NOT because there’s evil in the world; there’s always been evil. The reason it’s going downhill so fast is because Christians are losing their spines and ceding more and more ground.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #29 – Florida School Shooting

Yet another school shooting and still no answers as to how to prevent the next one. Everyone is looking for the “reasons” Nikolas Cruz killed 17 innocent people, but those “reasons” don’t exist. Many kids who attended that school have similar issues; broken hearts, parents who’ve died, bullying…yet they didn’t feel the need to KILL people to solve their problems. He had never been sent for treatment by a JUDGE, so he wasn’t in the system. We don’t have laws that prevent “weird” people from buying guns.There are tons of weird people who never hurt anyone. You can’t make evil illegal.I sure wish you could….

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #27 – Church Receives Death Threats for Offering THERAPY?

A Michigan Pastor is receiving DEATH THREATS because he offers, among other programs at his church, a class for teens who might be struggling with their sexuality. Gay rights groups consider that class (that no one is forced to attend) offensive. To hell with choice or a Pastor’s right to offer a Biblical perspective on sexuality.

Apparently if any kid asks a Pastor for guidance, the correct (and only) sanctioned response is to deliver the kid to a local Gay Center immediately. Do not Pass Go. Do not collect $100. Don’t mention God or His plan. Don’t even stop at Starbucks along the way.

My guest is local Pastor Bill Walker, a former entertainer and now Pastor of The Four Seasons Church, who was in gay relationships in the past, so he understands both the spiritual and the activist sides of the issue.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #27 – #MeToo Cause Hurt by Feminist Man Haters

The reality is, no one wants equality, they want superiority, especially feminists. The #metoo movement is led by man-haters who don’t care if innocent men have their reputations destroyed by false allegations, and some have actually admitted it. The biggest danger of course, lies in the fact that the legitimate victims are getting lost in the PC shuffle. And that hurts the sisterhood.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #26 – Kathy Griffin and Jesus

Comedian Kathy Griffin lost jobs, friends, and public approval after offending a lot of people with the “severed Trump head” photos, and all she’s done since is whine, whine whine, and attack her critics.

She very publicly told Jesus to “suck it” at an awards ceremony a few years back. She also said, “This award is my god now”! Well, clearly that award is not providing her the contentment or peace of mind Christians have when they’re persecuted, fairly or unfairly.

I, too was fired for “offending” a group of people, but I never whined, and I have complete contentment in my soul. That doesn’t come from ME, it comes from God. The same one Kathy trashed. She might want to to give Him a try. Nothing else she’s doing is working.

Heidi Harris Show podcast #25 – Does God Care About Superbowls?

On Superbowl Sunday, former NFL coach and NBC analyst Tony Dungy made some comments about how Eagles Quarterback Nick Foles would play with more confidence because of his Christianity, and that’s caused controversy, believe it or not. If you don’t believe God has anything to do with a person’s confidence or success, you are free to IGNORE those comments. But Dungy, a Superbowl winning coach, is paid for his opinion. Haters, give it a rest!

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #24: Ammo supplier charged – did he supply ammo to Las Vegas mass shooter Stephen Paddock? .

WHO is Douglas Haig, and how did ammo with his fingerprints on it wind up in shooter Stephen Paddock’s hotel room? My guest is Don Turner from the Nevada Firearms Coalition. He has insight on the type of ammo Haig made and why it was illegal to sell under certain conditions.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #23: Women have Cheapened OUR Brand

Sexual harassment IS a problem, but if women hadn’t cheapened their brand by giving it up so easily, the rest of us would have an easier road. WE have lowered the expectations men have of women.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #22 – Trump’s First SOTU

He gave a strong, positive speech, but the Dems had trouble even standing up to applaud for JOB creation! They are beside themselves, because they were certain one of two things would have happened by now: either the world would come to an end, or Trump would be out. Since neither happened, they have no idea what to do.