Episode 5 – Why can’t Trump get fair coverage?

No surprise that coverage of President Trump is overwhelmingly unfavorable. He’s not always right, but he’s not always WRONG. Is it worse than it ever was, or do we just have more ways to reveal the biases in the press? Guest: Dan Gainor, Media Research Center

Episode 4 – Harassment or simple banter?

This harassment situation is getting ridiculous. Sure, some men are pigs, but what kind of women are we raising if they can’t handle COMMENTS?

Episode 2 – It’s not about the cake!

My comments about the Masterpice Cake Shop case, now in the hands of the Supreme Court. After reading the oral arguments, I have a glimmer of hope…

Episode 1 – Heidi Harris Show Inaugural Podcast

In this first episode I explain my departure from commercial radio and talk about God’s plan for all of our lives.