Heidi Harris Show Podcast #67: Nevada Madam on Why Courtesans Are Really Feminists

A Nevada brothel madam joined me to explain why she sees prostitution as a feminist job. Obviously I think it’s immoral, but that doesn’t mean I judge the ladies in the industry. I wanted you to hear how that side of the argument feels about it.

For me, it’s sad that men and women can’t find one person and have a happy life, sexually and otherwise, and sex is supposed to be sacred, but I understand that’s not the reality or belief of every person. My opinion hasn’t changed, because it’s based on principle, but I’m always nice to my guests, whether I agree with them or not.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #66: PEPCON Disaster Survivor Speaks

In May 1988, PEPCON, a Henderson factory that made ammonium and sodium perchlorate, blew up. The explosions were heard ALL over the Las Vegas valley, and windows and doors in houses and businesses were blown out for miles around.

Everyone who was in Las Vegas on the fateful day remembers where they were. Dominick Rodriguez, who nowadays is my Pastor, was IN the building when things went awry. Here’s his story.

If anyone knows who was driving the paving machine that knocked the back fence down, allowing man workers to escape, let me know…

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #65: Our Temporary, Throw-Away Society

It’s sad to realize how little we regard most things these days. We start teaching our kids from day one that things can and should be easily discarded, upgraded and replaced. As we grow up we tend to treat everything in our lives that way; jobs, spouses, friendships.

As a genuine conservative, I’m big on repurposing, reusing, rescuing and rehabilitating (animals, not men). Can we do anything about our casual disregard for possessions and people?

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #64: Is it Really SEXISM That Depresses Women, or Something Else?

A recent “study” seems to indicate that women are more often depressed because of “sexism” in the work place. Sure, it exists, as does racism, but who hasn’t been screwed over at work? Who hasn’t been overlooked while someone less talented gets ahead?

What kind of young women are we raising, who can’t handle it and work harder to prove the doubters wrong?

Frankly, women have been LIED to for decades about what they can realistically achieve. No, you can’t have it all, at least not all at once, and that realization is what has them more depressed than sexism. I guarantee it.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #63: No, Prostitution Isn’t Just a Simple Business Transaction

There’s a push to eliminate legal prostitution in Pahrump and some other places in Nevada. I’m always dismayed when I hear people saying things like, “It’s just a transaction between two willing people…” Really? Then why is it a bigger deal if you’re raped than if someone grabs your purse? Hmmm?

It’s a sad industry that hurts people on both sides of the equation.


Heidi Harris Show Podcast #62: Columnist Asks How Evangelicals Can Support Trump

David French, columnist for National Review, and a man whose opinion and background I respect, cannot understand how evangelicals can still defend Trump. Of course he was a “never Trumper”. It seems to me that we should never overlook or defend bad behavior, but since God puts elected officials in place, even very flawed ones, in order to further His purposes, shouldn’t we all relax?

Yes, integrity matters, and Trump wasn’t my first or tenth choice, but ultimately God’s plan is not hindered by bad leaders. I refer you to the Old Testament, where 75% of the kings were evil.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #61: Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad MAN? UT Austin, That’s Who.

The University of Texas at Austin seems to have a problem with masculinity. Real men are somehow scary to them. Frankly, I’m tired of the constant assault on men. MEN, real men that is, men who can actually fix things, are a dying species, and the feminists are to blame. If a man even holds a door open for a woman he’s treated like a criminal these days. 

UT Austin said, in a statement, “…goals include helping men explore ways to reduce sexual violence, helping students take responsibility for their actions, and fostering healthier relationships on campus and beyond.” 

Since when is masculinity solely to blame for sexual violence? Women don’t want a man who’s comfortable wearing a DRESS. Sexual violence has many causes but they arern’t related to being a man. We need to fix the family so women AND men have healthy attitudes about femininity, masculinity, and how to behave around each other. Beating men into women won’t fix the problem.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #60: Pot Money Won’t Fix Schools

Colorado schools are complaining that they’re not getting enough of the revenue from legal pot sales, as if that would fix the ills of the education system. Now Nevada school officials are whining about the same thing.

Here’s a FACT: Money won’t solve the problems schools face, which are largely caused by the breakdown of the family, combined with refusal of school administrators to demand decent behavior at school.

Behavior unacceptable in any other public environment should not be allowed in schools. This ridiculous PC thinking that punishing poorly behaving kids will make them more likely to head to prison is ineffective to say the least. Actually, allowing the bad behavior to go unanswered means they’re more likely to wind up incarcerated.

Schools are sometimes the last chance to socialize kids and demonstrate what the real world will expect of them. We must not abdicate our responsibilities to taxpayers, the kids in need of an education, and ultimately to society.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #59: Big Announcement!

I’m going back to commercial radio, and I hope you’ll join me weekdays 9-10 AM at my new radio home, 670 AM KMZQ! Yes, I will continue to do my podcasts, too.

I will be talking about local issues as only a LOCAL host can, and of course if the big story of the day is a national one, we’ll cover that, too. And I’ll take your calls.

I hope you’ll join me on Tuesday for the launch of my NEW show!

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #58: Can Waffle House Shooter’s Father be Charged?

The father of the Waffle House shooter clearly knew his kid has issues, yet he returned his clearly disturbed son’s guns to him, even after assuring authorities that he would not. As far as I’m concerned, the father is MORE culpable, since he’s not the crazy one.

Pamel Furr, News Anchor for WTN in Nashville joins me with additional details and insight.