Heidi Harris Show Podcast #9: There’s never enough for those who think money solves all our problems.

People like State Sen. Tick Segerblom are back at the trough again, trying to squeeze more money out of us. Here’s a hint: Most of what’s wrong with education cannot be fixed with more money. And besides, I thought those taxes from legal pot were supposed to solve all our problems?

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #8: UK Spiritual leaders wonder why Evangelicals support Trump

Some so-called spiritual leaders wonder why Evangelicals can justify their support for President Trump. Apparently they thought Hillary was a better choice to protect  and defend our religious freedom in America?

Episode 7 – Spiritual abuse

Many people have been in churches that abuse people spiritually. Here are some ways to spot the warning signs and get yourself free!

Episode 6 – Guest: Thomas Mitchell

Millions of tax dollars have already been spent on this case, with very few convictions to show for it. Thomas Mitchell, former long time Editor of the Review Journal, joins me to discuss how this prosecution got botched. He’s been following it.

Episode 5 – Why can’t Trump get fair coverage?

No surprise that coverage of President Trump is overwhelmingly unfavorable. He’s not always right, but he’s not always WRONG. Is it worse than it ever was, or do we just have more ways to reveal the biases in the press? Guest: Dan Gainor, Media Research Center