Heidi Harris Show Podcast #169: Red Flag laws will never replace moral courage

Red Flag laws are being discussed as the “solution” to prevent more mass shootings, and they already exist in various jurisdictions. But a recent case in New Jersey was a perfect example of why those laws won’t ever replace moral courage. A nanny and her employer were murdered by her ex-boyfriend, and neighbors saw him hanging around the house, stalking her, for weeks, yet never called anyone. And many of the mass shooters we hear about had enablers providing them weapons. Common sense is not replaced by LAWS.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #168: Social media’s censorship and the effect on talk radio

How are radio hosts across the country responding to the censorship and “shadow banning” of conservative hosts on social media? I have certainly experienced it firsthand, and it’s annoying to say the least. Should we let these triggered lefty brats in Silicon Valley shut us down? How can today’s radio and podcast hosts navigate the waters?

For insight on how it’s affecting the industry as a whole, and what other radio hosts are saying, I turned to Michael Harrison, Publisher of Talkers’ Magazine, the #1 trade publication for talk radio. He’s always a fascinating guest.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #167: If you refuse to date transgenders, are you “dehumanizing” them?

Transgendered people have a suicide rate 25 times higher than the general public, (41%) and now we have an “expert” claiming that when straight people don’t want to date them it’s “dehumanizing”, and may be contributing to their unhappiness. Now trans people have a “right” to companionship? The rest of us are responsible for their health and wellbeing?

I think we all know that if you want a partner, you need to make yourself as desirable and attractive as possible. People make choices, people have varying tastes, and they’re not “(fill in the blank) phobic” because they do.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #166: Burly Man Coffee helps single moms

Burly Man Coffee not only rejects the characterization of masculinity as “toxic”, they help single moms by giving them cars! This is what effective charity is all about.

Decluttering your life may also mean decluttering relationships

I have been on a “decluttering” tear lately, watching videos about getting rid of junk, finding “freedom” from it, etc. I’ve been donating huge amounts of stuff to charity, giving specific things to friends, etc. It feels good. 

Beyond just streamlining my closets, I’ve streamlined my life. I do so much less than I used to do ten years ago. Call me lazy, but moderating debates, making appearances in person or on Cable TV, other special events, etc. is no longer a huge part of my life. It was for many years, but no longer. There are so many other and more efficient ways to reach my audience without having to be everywhere all the time. You wind up being useless to everyone. 

I realize that a person can only do so much, and for me, because of the crazy sleep pattern morning drive dictates, I find that doing my show, prepping for my show, walking my dogs, trying to sneak in a workout and reading my Bible is about all I care to juggle these days. 

Everyone walks around “exhausted” lately, as if that’s some badge of honor. Seems to me you need to say no once in a while, and just relax. I no longer feel the need to be at every opening. I rarely do TV stuff. It’s freeing. I did a Skype interview today, but I never had to leave home. Technology is your friend, in that case (if you can get the lighting right). 

Another thing I have scaled back since I’ve been decluttering is in the area of relationships. I realized I had a few that were dragging me down. You may find that, too, if you’re honest in your evaluation. Sometimes relationships become habit. You’ve been friends for so long that it’s just a habit to keep in constant touch. It’s time consuming and often not very edifying, if you’re just having the same conversations over and over again. 

Sometimes taking a break from someone for a minute makes you realize you really don’t miss them all that much. It’s not that you stop caring about them, it’s just that your life and priorities have changed, as have theirs, and there’s no point anymore. You still love them, but you’ve moved on.  

For example, if you find yourself having the same conversation with a person over and over again who refuses to make changes, but wants to bend your ear about it again and again, that’s a waste of time. That was fine when I was 16, but now I have things to DO. 

I’d rather listen to an inspirational podcast than get on the phone and gossip, or hear someone whine about something they refuse to change. 

My world is getting smaller, and I like it that way. I can’t be everything to everyone, and I’ve stopped trying. I have a select group of people I am available to, and that pretty much covers it. Other than my job, my family, my church family, and a few close friends is all I have time for. 

When you’re decluttering your life and looking at what you don’t need, consider the relationships in your life. They may be taking up more useable space than your shot glass collection. 

Heidi Harris


Heidi Harris Show Podcast #165: Clearly false statement not being questioned by reporter

We all know that journalism today is in a race to the bottom. The bias is obvious. Most reporters hate Trump, and that’s their right as human beings, but they should at least feign objectivity.

When a local women made a statement at a Kamala Harris rally, about how her son died six years ago because he didn’t have insurance, the reporter NEVER asked for any details. “How is that possible, lady, when Obamacare was in place then?” He didn’t have insurance, or he didn’t choose to buy it? Of course the “journalist” never asked, because her quote fit his narrative, and that was good enough for him. That would get an F in any first year Journalism class. This from the largest newspaper in Nevada. This is how bad it’s gotten. Embarrassing.

Heidi Harris Show #164: #metoo women who falsely accuse are hurting all of us

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Although #metoo women have legitimate complaints in some cases, and I certainly have my LEGITIMATE story about it, (you can read about it on my blog at heidiharris.com), but the movement has damaged women in the workplace. Like any other movement, it started out as an outlet for genuine victims, and has since been hijacked by man haters and false accusers. Now many executives don’t want to mentor women for fear of being accused of something they can’t disprove. This not only hurts the women who want to succeed professionally, obviously, but the larger issue is that false accusers hurt genuine victims, who are now getting lost in the shuffle.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #163: Is minimalism becoming the new religion?

Lately I’ve been reading books and watching lots of videos about “minimalism”, and the freedom that comes from “decluttering”. I watch those videos for inspiration while I clean out closets and drawers. It’s always a good idea to move things out when they no longer fit you, or you will no longer use them, and I’ve been blessing people with tons of my stuff lately. Friends, thrift stores, you name it. I want it GONE.

But does minimalism really make you HAPPY? Not really. You might feel more organized, and I know I like the way my house looks better than it did 6 months ago, but did I find Happiness? Contentment? Uh, no….

I honestly think the minimalist movement is becoming the new religion for some people. “Downsize, toss, donate! You’ll find HAPPINESS!” Wow, is that all it takes?

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #162: Ralph Peters on his new book and fake news in the Civil War

Lt. Colonel Ralph Peters has penned another great book, “Darkness at Chancellorsville”. Ralph has won numerous awards for his writing, and he joined me to talk about the latest book, how “fake news” was prevalent even during the Civil War, and whether Lincoln or Trump had a tougher go as President.

Heidi Harris Show podcast #161: It’s okay for Evangelicals to support Trump. Really.

Yes, it’s okay to be a Trump supporter and not lose your testimony as an evangelical, as some have warned. I have been talking about this for two years, assuring people that a vote for Trump wasn’t a vote for adultery or undisciplined tweets. Rulers are always imperfect. That doesn’t mean they can’t be effective and make good decisions.

In a great column from Chris Buskirk, from American Greatness, he reminds us that all rulers are flawed. I still don’t understand the “Never Trumpers”. What WAS their plan??? Even someone they might admire would ultimately let them down, and THEN where would they be?

When you cannot accept the fact that a flawed person can do good, you are saying that a person with fewer flaws could do better. Really? Open the Bible, pick a chapter….plenty of flawed people were at times better rulers than other, more genteel people. Putting trust in a person you view to have more character is as flawed an argument a hating everything Trump does.