#355 Veteran police officer analyzes Tyre Nichols case

A veteran police officer and tactics expert and police trainer joined me to talk about the Tyre Nichols case. Marcus Martin spent 24 years as a Las Vegas police officer, a city that sees 40 million tourists come into town each year, beyond the over 2 million residents. Las Vegas Metro Police deal with all kinds of situations.

Marcus is an expert in several martial arts, and continues to train new officers. I asked him to join me for his perspective on the Tyre Nichols case, and how police handled it. We also touched on the Derek Chauvin case involving George Floyd, and some aspects of the case I hadn’t heard.

We also discussed the problem of police officers who aren’t trained or not in shape, and therefore not able to subdue someone humanely in many cases.

“Wristlock” movie details:

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