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Youtube and Vimeo shut my channels down because I was over the target. I won’t back down. Ever. Period.

I will not be silent. Or silenced.

Headlines with Heidi! LGBT activist calls Christians “disgusting trash”

Video HERE. How tolerant of her. And all over a Christmas tree n a public library, which apparently she found offensive. It’s good to know how some on the “tolerant” side of the aisle really feel about us, and our God. Radio: LIVE Sunday nights 7-9 PM 97.1 FM Talk St. Louis […]

Headlines with Heidi! Guest: Vaccine injured Rob Forbes tells his Pfizer story

Video HERE. Rob Forbes, vaccine injured after his first dose of Pfizer in March of 2021, joined me to discuss his life since the shot. Doctors’ appts, test, insurance hassles, symptoms, prognosis, and the expensive procedure he will have to have re-done every ten years. Radio: LIVE Sunday nights 7-9 PM 97.1 FM Talk […]

Headlines with Heidi! Can MRNA be transferred through SEX? Guest, Dr. Kelly Victory, MD

Video HERE Dr. Kelly Victory, MD has been one of the heroes throughout the Covid “plandemic”. She has been asking the questions everyone in the medical community SHOULD have been asking, and fought against the censorship of Big Tech and even many of her medical colleagues. Her website is and here’s her bio: Dr. […]

Headlines with Heidi! Many in GOP calling for Trump to step aside

Video HERE. As we head into 2024, many in the GOP, even those who supported Trump and appreciate what he tried to do for America, are calling for him to step aside and not become a distraction in 2024. Radio: LIVE Sunday nights 7-9 PM 97.1 FM Talk St. Louis Podcast: Heidi Harris Show Twitter: […]

Headlines with Heidi! final stretch thoughts on Election Day!

Video HERE. It’s looking very good for Republicans especially in Nevada. My thoughts on changes we need to make, failed “leadership” of Governor Sisolak, and how the Dems have blown their messaging Radio: LIVE Sunday nights 7-9 PM 97.1 FM Talk St. Louis Podcast: Heidi Harris Show Twitter: @HeidiHarrisShow  GETTR: @HeidiHarris Rumble: Headlines with Heidi  […]

Headlines With Heidi! Guest, Dr. Kelly Victory, MD on Covid shot side-effects, etc.

Dr. Kelly joined me again with #FactsNotFear! Video HERE. She’s been one of the FEW to speak boldly and share her concerns about the Covid shots and the rush to market. We discussed the addition of Covid shots to the list of school vaccines kids can be required to get, side effects and deaths we’re […]

Headlines with Heidi! Vaxx injured photographer Cat Parker joins me

Video HERE. Cat Parker, a photographer by profession, was pressured to get the shot and the booster, due to the other job she had at the time, and has been dealing with all kinds of health issues since. She joined me to discuss what she’s going through, because so many of these people are completely […]

Headlines with Heidi!! Guest, Trump admin official, Kash Patel!

Kash Patel is an attorney and a former member of the Trump administration. He joined me to talk about Nevada politics, the Jan 6 committee that he testified before, Trump’s odds of running again, and more! Video HERE. Radio: LIVE Sunday nights 7-9 PM 97.1 FM Talk St. Louis Podcast: Heidi Harris […]

Headlines with Heidi! More info about the fatal strip stabbing

Vegas update today! Video HERE. Local cop killed in Vegas. Heartbreaking. The widow of a man murdered on the Strip last week is talking about what happened and how they felt for the “homeless” and “down and out people” they saw on The Strip. WHY WERE THEY ON THE STRIP?? THOSE PEOPLE DON’T BELONG THERE. […]

Headlines with Heidi! Vaxx injured former cop tells me his story

Video HERE. Steven Ordonia, a 32-year retired cop, has been horribly injured by the Pfizer shot, and shares his story with me. He has been through HELL, as have many who’ve taken the shot. People like him need to be HEARD and acknowledged! And helped!! Radio: LIVE Sunday nights 7-9 PM 97.1 FM Talk […]