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Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization – the mother of all rulings

Frank Schubert, political consultant and contributor to the National Organization for Marriage and the International Organization for Families, penned a great series of three articles on the possible overturning of Roe v. Wade and the political landscape, threats, intimidation and vitriol that will surround the decision. He has great insight and joined me on my […]

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #296: Dr. Mitch Glaser of Chosen People Ministries, on religious reconciliation after 9-11.

Dr. Mitch Glaser, President of Chosen People Ministries, was only blocks away from the terrorist attacks in NYC 20 years ago. His organization focuses on religious reconciliation, and has for decades. He has an event planned to Commemorate 9-11, with guests like Joel Rosenberg and Anne Graham-Lotz. He joined me to talk about his work […]