Heidi Harris Show Podcast #268: How I’ve avoided being shot by a cop

There was another police shooting in Minnesota, and I commented on it during my live show. At the time I recorded this, it had not been revealed that the police officer meant to hit him with her Taser, and not her gun. I discussed the PRINCIPLE of cooperating with police. 99.99999% of the time, when there’s a police shooting, the victim escalated things by not following police requests. I’ve been there, with an out of control cop, and I took it upon myself to de-escalate the situation.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #267: Minneapolis radio host Jon Justice with an update on Derek Chauvin trial

This Derek Chauvin trial has been fascinating to me. Jon Justice, Twin Cities News Talk morning radio host in Minneapolis, has joined me each week with insight from the ground there in Minnesota.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #264: Dr. Kelly Victory on Fauci taking credit for vaccines

Dr. Kelly Victory, President of Victory Health, joins me every week to provide #FactNotFear. On this week’s show, we talked about Dr. Anthony Fauci taking credit for the vaccines, and the benefits of Ivermectin as a treatment for Covid. We also discussed why you didn’t need a flu shot to travel a year ago, but with Covid, people are talking about that being a requirement to attend concerts or travel. You can guess why. It has nothing to do with the dangers….

Heidi Harris Show #262: Attorney Lauren Wolfe on Resort fee lawsuit.

MGM Resorts Intl. is being sued by Travelers United for resort fees, which they feel are unfair and often hidden from consumers. Attorney Lauren Wolfe joined me on my LIVE radio show with details on what she describes as “deceptive drip pricing”.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #265: Hedge fund manager Jonathan Hoenig on Ever Given and the global supply chain

Jonathan Hoenig, of CapitalistPig.com and Fox News contributor, joined me to discuss the Ever Given ship stuck in the Suez Canal and the larger issue of how fragile our global supply chain really is. The ship has been freed, but there are hundreds waiting behind it. What will that mean for us going forward?

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #263: Guest, Pharmacist Dr. Sal Giorgianni

Dr. Sal Giorgianni, Doctor of Pharmacy and Science Director for Mens Health Network, joined me with an update on vaccines, why the side effects seem to be more pronounced in women, and why men seem to die from Covid more often than women.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #261: Senator Rand Paul takes on Fauci

Doctor and Senator Rand Paul took on Dr. Fauci at a Senate hearing the other day in a Senate Hearing. I had fun with this exchange on my live show…”You’re parading around with TWO masks on AFTER you’ve had both doses of the vaccine…what message does that send?”

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #260: Guest, Marc Morano of ClimateDepot.com on “The Green New Deal”

Marc Morano, of ClimateDepot.com, joined me to discuss his new book “Green Fraud“. I think most of my listeners understand what a complete fraud the “Climate Change/Climate Crisis/Global Warming agenda is, but what you may not realize is the fact that we were so easily “compliant” about the Covid shutdowns has encouraged those who would shut us down under the guise of “saving the planet”. Good book, great conversation.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #259: Guest, Dr. Kelly Victory!

Dr. Kelly Victory is always so great to share her time with us each week, sharing #FactsNotFear on Covid-19, vaccines, and lockdowns. This week we discussed the Astra-Zeneca vaccine and so-called “long haulers” people whose Covid symptoms seem to linger for months in some cases.

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