Heidi Harris Show Podcast #212: Socialite Nicole Hutchison, jailed for a DUI death, on redeeming your life and creating a ministry for women

Nicole Hutchison, a well-paid executive and Texas socialite, was sentenced to ten years for a DUI accident she was involved in. Through her incarceration, she became aware of a need to reach women who want to turn their lives around. She has a great story of redemption, and founded the Rusty Diamond Network. You can curl into a ball, or you can redeem what’s left of your life. RustyDiamond.org

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #211: Attorney suing DETR to force them to pay benefits joins me with an update

It is unacceptable that so many people in Nevada have NOT gotten the unemployment benefits their government promised them. Of course no one should rely on government, but if you were PROMISED this unemployment benefit, or PUA if you’re a gig worker, you should GET it.

Our Governor Sisolak has FAILED the people of Nevada. It starts at the TOP. He keeps hundreds of thousands out of work, yet he won’t make certain they get benefits that could keep them in their homes and keep food on the table.

Attorney Mark Thierman, of Thierman Buck in Reno, has been suing the State of Nevada to get people paid. He joined me on my live show. Here’s our conversation.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #210: Terrified people have become useful idiots for controlling politicians

I’m bored with hearing people who no longer have to work, telling the rest of us to stay home. Goody for you, that you can stay home, or you’re retired, or that your house is paid for. I’d like to keep mine, as would hundreds of thousands of other Nevadans and Americans. Livelihoods matter as much as lives.

You can stay home, but don’t stop the rest of us from trying to preserve what we’ve built.

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Heidi Harris Show Podcast #208: Don’t give social media haters power over your psyche

As a radio host, I get trashed by people a lot, and of course I can take it. It comes with the territory. But if you find yourself getting depressed or feeling like you’re constantly under attack or obligated to respond to every hater, you can step away, you know. From friends, family, strangers…you don’t have to engage them. You can block, ignore, unfollow, whatever it is. You don’t OWE them your time, or space in your head. Think of the people you truly admire and ask yourself what THEY are doing. They’re probably not attacking others on social media. You’ll find that if you take that approach, you’ll feel much better.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #206: Former POW’s Alcorn and Long on their captivity

In honor of Memorial Day and the amazing people who gave so much for our freedom, here’s an interview I did with a couple of men who’d been captured and held in Hanoi for 5 and 7 years, respectively. Major Steven Long, USAF, and Captain Ray Alcorn, USN, were kind enough to sit with me and discuss their captivity, and what they think of the anti-war movement and politicians who interfere with military objectives.

They’ve both passed on in recent years, but they both represented the very BEST of what America has to offer.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #205: Classic interviews – “Goodfellas” mobster Henry Hill

I’ve done many interesting interviews over the years, and one that was particularly memorable was my chat with Henry Hill, the man whose life story is the basis for the movie “Goodfellas”. Henry has passed away since, but this was a fun chat. Before you listen to this interview, I suggest you re-watch Goodfellas, to refresh your memory. We discussed what was accurate in the movie, versus what was embellished for Hollywood. Enjoy!

(I think I had too much caffeine that day…wow, am I talking fast!)

Heidi Harris show Podcast #204: Classic interviews – Legendary Jazz singer, pianist Joe Darro

Joe Darro is a Vegas legend, playing piano and singing here since the 1950’s. At 85, he still sings and plays like a man half his age, and has played for everyone who’s anyone (even me). I swear, the man knows every song in any key. He also played with my dad (a trumpet player) back in the heyday of Vegas. He’s got great stories about the greats, and knows Vegas musical history, because he helped MAKE it.

Joe has great stories about Jack Jones, Debbie Reynolds, Joe Williams, Sammy Davis Jr. and a very drunk Judy Garland! He even turned down $10,000 from the National Enquirer to sneak a camera into of Wayne Newton’s wedding that he was playing.

He and I sat down right after a gig he was playing, coincidentally, the weekend before Vegas was shut down. Guys like Joe Darro made Vegas what it was, musically. Enjoy!

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #203: What’s happening with unemployment in Nevada?

In fairness to the state of Nevada, this amount of unemployment is unprecedented, but I know people who haven’t gotten a DIME in over 8 weeks, and that doesn’t include the independent contractors. Subrina Hudson, Business Reporter for the Las Vegas Review Journal, joined me to discuss. She recently spoke with the head of DETR (unemployment) in Nevada, and has some insight on what’s happening, (or not happening).