Heidi Harris Show Podcast #307: Dr. Kelly Victory on the Omicrom Variant!

Dr. Kelly Victory joined me once again, this time to discuss the Omicron Variant! Should we all be TERRIFIED, or this is a big yawn? Board Certified 30 year physician Dr. Victory has the #FactsNotFear. @DrKellyVictory earlycovidcare.org

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #306: Guest, Dr. Kelly victory! #FactsNotFear

Dr. Kelly Victory  Board Certified Emergency and Trauma Physician, joined me about Covid, the new Pfizer “miracle pill”, kids and the vaccine, and more #Factsnotfear. Follow her on Twitter @DrKellyvictory or check out her website, EarlyCovidCare.org.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #305: VA and NJ prove Biden’s agenda is OVER.

Last night was a huge night for AMERICA. The Biden agenda, including defunding cops, insulting parents, needless lockdowns, military weakness, higher prices for everything, scarcity of products, etc, LOST last night. Now watch the Dems back away from anything he tries to push until at least 2022. It is OVER. And Glenn Youngkin didn’t need to suck up to Trump to get elected. Winsome Sears, the new Lt. Governor of VA, is a nightmare for the left. Black, immigrant, veteran, loves God and America. Oh no. She defines what America is about.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #304: Guest Gen. Keith Kellogg on his time in the Trump White House

I was honored to be joined by General Keith Kellogg about his new book, War by Other Means, A General in the Trump White House. We had a great chat about what Trump was trying to do, how his instincts were often better than the entrenched military brass, and the treachery of some of his advisors.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #303: Lincoln Project’s desperate stunt in VA Gov race

My guest on my live STL show was Joe Thomas, host on WCHV in Charlottesville VA, on the Lincoln Project’s ridiculous and desperate stunt to hurt the Youngkin campaign by having Democrats pose as white supremecists. Joe has the latest.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #302: Guest, Former DEA Special Agent Derek Maltz on the #fentanylcrisis

Former DEA Special Agent Derek Maltz joined me recently in Washington DC for the Federation for American Immigration Reform’s “Hold their feet to the Fire” event. He spent 28 years in the DEA, and continues to sound the alarm on the fentanyl crisis that is killing people all over America. Famous people, and not-so-famous people have been killed by pills they thought were “safe”, or at least what they expected, not realizing they were laced with deadly fentanyl. (He joined me live, so if this doesn’t sound studio quality, that’s the reason)

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #301: Dr. Kelly Victory w #FactsNotFear on Covid

Dr. Kelly victory joined me on my St. Louis show to discuss Dr. Fauci’s inability to explain to Sanjay Gupta on CNN why Covid-Recovered people should get the vax, and why people are dying in greater numbers than they need to, because they’re not getting proper early treatment.

She and some other doctors have created a website with great information on it. EarlyCovidCare.org

HHS podcast #299: Why are Christians wimping out on social issues?

Too many Believers are more concerned with offending friends or relatives than offending God. No one should be condemning people or judging, but we need to call sin out for what it is, and not embrace any kind of relationship, God honoring or not. We’re just going along with the cultural tide, and Christians are called to be DIFFERENT. Jesus would not celebrate every relationship, and neither should we. If WE don’t stand up for Biblical values, who will?

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #298: Best Selling author Joel Rosenberg on the future of the Middle East

Joel Rosenberg has written nearly 20 books and sold 5 million copies. His non-fiction books and fiction thrillers have captured the attention of world leaders, which he discusses in his latest book, “Enemies and Allies”. It’s always great to catch up with him and get his perspective on where we stand now that Afghanistan has become such a complete failure. He lives in Jerusalem. joelrosenberg.com

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #297: 9-11 Ground Zero Reporter Robyn Walensky reflects on 20 years

Robyn Walensky, a journalist for decades, was at Ground Zero on 9-11-01. She has powerful stories and memories of that day and the weeks and months that followed the 9-11 attacks. It’s hard to believe it’s been 20 years. Are we ready for another attack? Have we remained vigilant? Some aren’t so sure.