Heidi Harris Show Podcast #322: Brig Gen David Hicks on Ukraine

Brigadier General David Hicks joined me on my St. Louis show to discuss Ukraine. What’s really going on there, why is Russian looking so inept, what is Putin likely to do if he’s backed into corner, and much more. Before retiring in 2019, his last assignment was at the Pentagon as the Director of Strategy, Concepts and Wargaming for the USAF. His official Air Force bio.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #321: Children’s needs come before parents’ desires. Guest, “Them Before Us” founder Katy Faust

Katy Faust in a mother of four, author and Founder of Them Before Us, a children’s rights organization. Her premise is that children have a fundamental right to two parents of the opposite sex, and PARENTS should do the hard things, not children. Parents should make the sacrifices necessary to ensure that kids have the best foundation, instead of dragging their kids through multiple relationships and living situations, putting their desires first.

Their motto: “Children’s needs before adults’ desires”


Heidi Harris Show Podcast #320: Guest, Heroic Vietnam Fighter Pilot Don Harten!

FROM MY ARCHIVES: Not many people can say that they’ve survived TWO plane crashes in one day. Don Harten’s incredible story of surviving a collision between two B-52’s and another crash of the plane that picked him up, is one for the ages. I recorded this interview with Don a few years ago, when I was planning a different project, but it’s from my archives and I wanted to share it. He’s a hero, but he’ll never admit it. This was recorded in 2015. He’s still doing great, in 2022!

More info on Don from the Huffington Post of all places.

His book “Arc Light One” is great reading.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #319: Guest: Twila Brase, RN (Citizens Council for Health Freedom)

Twila Brase, RN, (President of the Citizens Council for Health Freedom), has been a bright light in the past two years of darkness. She’s been a voice of reason about the uselessness of masks and lockdowns, and is even more concerned about a National Patient ID database that would include ALL medical records.

“Why not have that?”, you say. “Wouldn’t that be easier than filling out paperwork at every new doctors’ office?” Twila explained why it’s NOT.

Her book: BigBrotherintheExamRoom.com (Preorder 3rd edition)

Twitter @TwilaBrase @CCHFreedom


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Heidi Harris Show Podcast #318: Trans tragedies and what parents can do

A recent story brought tears to my eyes. A mother explained in a Heritage panel discussion how her daughter, who was medically “transitioned” against her mother’s will and without a complete understanding of the consequences, killed herself at age 19 by stepping in front of a train, after the mother’s concerns were ignored by school officials.

It’s tragic, and it’s happening all over America. I was joined on this podcast by Meridian Baldacci of the Family Policy Alliance. They have a campaign called Help Not Harm, that aims to assist parents in all states to preserve their rights.


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Heidi Harris Show Podcast #317: Christians and the vaccine

In a ridiculous column I came across dated December, a Psychoanalyst and a Religion Professor stated that Christians have a duty to get the vaccine because it’s all about “loving your neighbor as yourself”. or some such tripe. Of course they never mention the duty others have to their fellow man when it comes to  getting off the couch so they don’t DIE from Covid.

Some have said we’re “all in this together”, yet we are not at equal risk. I’m not getting an untested shot because YOU haven’t taken care of yourself and are scared. No thanks.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #316: “Prepping” blogger and author Creek Stewart

I’ve been paying more attention to preparedness, watching videos about food storage, etc. Many people have. I had a chat with Creek Stewart, who blogs and writes books about being prepared. His latest book is “The Disaster-Ready Home”. Good stuff. CreekStewart.com

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Heidi Harris Show Podcast #315: Guest, Rabbi Chananya Weissman

Rabbi Chananya Weissman, an Orthodox Rabbi living in Jerusalem, is a prolific writer and filmmaker. His two recent columns,  “31 reasons I won’t take the vaccine”, and “The Covid Cult and the Ten Commandments”, caught my attention, I was able to track him down in Israel and chat with him about how the Israeli government has “sold its people out”, “vaccines”, marriage, and more!


YouTube: Chananya Weissman

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #314: Putting your “followers” ahead of your marriage

Too many people put anonymous followers ahead of what really matters – your MARRIAGE. I just read about yet ANOTHER “influencer” woman who does “lifestyle” videos announcing her divorce. Why? Who knows. Maybe she put her FOLLOWERS ahead of her husband?

Proverbs 14:1 “A wise women builds her house. A foolish woman destroys it with her own hands.”

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #313: Parents need to protect their kids from bullying.

We are seeing more and more stories of people committing suicide, in many cases from bullying, either online or in person. When it comes to children, it’s the PARENTS’ responsibility to protect their kids. Schools don’t care about your kids, or hadn’t you noticed? Take that phone away, take them out of state. You would not go back to a JOB every day where you were being seriously tormented, yet you expect your kids to, because…what? It’s an inconvenience for you to homeschool or make other arrangements? Do something NOW. Don’t expect the schools to do a thing.