#365 Advice to young ladies – before it’s too late

I’m hearing more and more disturbing things about the state of dating and marriage these days. Men don’t want to get married, partially because they know they’ll get shafted in divorce court, and besides, women have wishlists a mile long for any potential suitors. Here’s some advice for young women who think they can demand more than you bring to the table. Stop expecting a man to “meet your needs” and appreciate men for who they are and who God made them to be. They’re not your girlfriends. They’re not supposed to fulfill that role. Heed my words before it’s too late.

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Heidi Harris Podcast #78: Feminist asks “Why CAN’T We Hate Men?”

A feminist professor, Suzanna Danuta Walters, wants the right to hate ALL men, and has finally admitted it. Do I really need to expand on or ridicule that attitude? Frankly, it’s sad that anyone would hate half the population.

And George Soros, (who’s spent an entire lifetime trying to transform America) can’t understand why they “hit a brink wall” in the California primaries. Maybe because he never has conversations with REAL people?

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #61: Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad MAN? UT Austin, That’s Who.

The University of Texas at Austin seems to have a problem with masculinity. Real men are somehow scary to them. Frankly, I’m tired of the constant assault on men. MEN, real men that is, men who can actually fix things, are a dying species, and the feminists are to blame. If a man even holds a door open for a woman he’s treated like a criminal these days. 

UT Austin said, in a statement, “…goals include helping men explore ways to reduce sexual violence, helping students take responsibility for their actions, and fostering healthier relationships on campus and beyond.” 

Since when is masculinity solely to blame for sexual violence? Women don’t want a man who’s comfortable wearing a DRESS. Sexual violence has many causes but they arern’t related to being a man. We need to fix the family so women AND men have healthy attitudes about femininity, masculinity, and how to behave around each other. Beating men into women won’t fix the problem.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #27 – #MeToo Cause Hurt by Feminist Man Haters

The reality is, no one wants equality, they want superiority, especially feminists. The #metoo movement is led by man-haters who don’t care if innocent men have their reputations destroyed by false allegations, and some have actually admitted it. The biggest danger of course, lies in the fact that the legitimate victims are getting lost in the PC shuffle. And that hurts the sisterhood.