#340 Animal Foundation Volunteer speaks out about shelter procedures

The Animal Foundation (local shelter) in Vegas has come under fire for a long time for many reasons, most of them deserved. For many years it was run by a corrupt woman, who was later charged (along with her daughter) with crimes involving another animal shelter in another state after being run out of Vegas. Then the shelter was run by a woman whose girlfriend was the City Manager! No conflict there….

In fairness, it’s not the fault of ANY shelter the people are breeding dogs they shouldn’t breed, dumping sick animals on their doorstep, etc, and when I worked there years ago, I cried EVERY night on my way home, because I couldn’t save them all. It’s a heartbreaking business, but it can be run better than they are doing currently. Many bighearted people donate, hold fundraisers, etc, because they don’t want to deal with the harsh reality of what it means to have too many animals that no one wants, or too many sick or otherwise unadoptable animals. No, every animal can’t be saved. Sorry.

Recently Las Vegas City Councilwoman Victoria Seaman stopped by the shelter unannounced and found what she called “appalling conditions”. We talked about it on my “Headlines with Heidi!” series. See that video HERE. Now more volunteers are speaking out. Kathy, a retired neonatal RN, who was helping with the neonatal kittens, joined me to share her story.



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