#344 “Pandemic Amnesty”?? Nah….

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Emily Oster, writing in The Atlantic, is calling for Pandemic Amnesty for anyone who made “complicated choices”, based on “lack of knowledge” to whatever other excuse they want to use for their behavior during the pandemic. I’m not ready to forgive the virtue signaling, lockdowns, and the damage done to children, elderly and society in general, under the guise of “protecting us”.

I’m not ready to let the monsters who created this poison dart off the hook. I’m not ready to forgive people who yelled at me for not wearing a mask, or the flight attendant who yelled at me for allowing my mask to slip off my nose wile I was wrestling with my carry-on baggage. Never mind the fact that I’d remove it during “snack time”. Nope, not ready.

The response to her column has been intense, all over the internet, even from libs who agreed with the lockdowns at the time. Many of THEM are vaxxed and injured. We the unvaxxed won’t forget, since we were blamed for the Covid spread, nor will the people who were coerced into getting shots that have caused them major medial issues or killed someone they love. They’d love to forget, but they can’t. Pfizer won’t let them.


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  1. Kathleen Miller says:

    While I work at not holding a grudge, I do NOT want an “amnesty” for those in journalism and public health that gaslighted the American public to fulfill their agenda, they succeeded.
    This virus and the vaccine were weaponized to bring down DJT.
    My husband and many others were wounded or killed, they were the collateral damage on the war between the deep state and DJT


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