#350 “Baby Will” medically kidnapped in New Zealand

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Baby Will is a baby in New Zealand who needs heart surgery, and his parents are asking that he receive blood from an unvaxxed person. That is easy to accomplish, yet New Zealand has TAKEN this baby from his parents, in order to do the heart surgery, and getting blood from who-knows-who. Outrageous. Astounding that it’s happening in this day and age. They won’t get away with this. Now or later, the’ll face the music.

Here’s the video: https://rumble.com/v1znqv6-baby-w-our-baby-has-just-been-medically-kidnapped.html

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  1. Laura says:

    Not allowing family members admittance if they had not had a COVID shot was standard policy in hospitals throughout the country. My father in law was in heart failure and tested negative prior to going into the hospital in September, 2021. After admittance, he tested positive. My husband and sister in law who had not gotten the shot at that point in time (they have since done so) were not allowed in. My father in law tried to get out of bed and leave as his health declined, stating that his son was coming to get him and take him home. They physically restrained him so that he could not get out of bed. He was treated for COVID and passed away and the fact was that he WAS going to pass away no matter what anyone did. Only at the very end of his life when he was no longer conscious did a compassionate doctor allow the family admittance. He died in the hospital. I think that these policies were unscientific as well as inhumane.


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