#371 Should Christians attend a gay wedding? (Alistair Begg controversy)

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Pastor Alistair Begg, a Pastor in Cleveland, Ohio, is one of the best Bible teachers in American, in my opinion. I’ve never met him or attended his church, but have listened to him for years. He’s touched off a powder keg this week when a recent interview he did included his advice to a grandmother whose grandson was going to marry someone transgender. Here’s my response to his comments.


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  1. MARK WALKER says:

    This is now the rage and outrage in the Catholic Church. Our alleged Pope Francis has decreed that it is permissible to bless sodomite couples. But the decree says to bless individuals, not couples. It’s not really a marriage, you know. And each priest has the option to do it or not.
    In fact, many bishops order their priests to do it. But you cannot bless the 2 individuals without realising that they ARE a couple, steeped in their sin.

    A couple stands for somethng. Bob and Jane stand together for dates, and later marriage. Bob and Bob, Jane and Jane? No. They stand for a contrary purpose, and that purpose is what Francis wants to approve.

    James Martin, S. J., a Jesuit priest, and a confidante of Francis, immediately dragged such a couple to a church when he got the news, and blessed them.

    A large number of African bishops refuse to do it, as it would bless mortal sin, and it is against their culture. The Vatican urges those bishops to CHANGE THE CULTURE, so the blessing will be tolerable.

    This is demonic.

    We will no doubt have more canceled, or even defrocked, clergy, even bishops, who refuse this madness.

    This is what happens in our neck of the woods. I shudder to think what is happening in the less organised 40,000 or so different Protestant organisations.


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