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Headlines with Heidi! LGBT activist calls Christians “disgusting trash”

Video HERE. How tolerant of her. And all over a Christmas tree n a public library, which apparently she found offensive. It’s good to know how some on the “tolerant” side of the aisle really feel about us, and our God. https://www.christianpost.com/news/christmas-tree-spat-leads-to-lgbt-activist-resigning-commission.html   Heidiharris.com Radio: LIVE Sunday nights 7-9 PM 97.1 FM Talk St. Louis […]

Celine Dion has WHAT condition?

Celine Dion, who has been missing fro the stage for a couple of years, has finally acknowledged the cause of her health issues. Tragic. Has the shot caused this? How could I be sure, but some doctors I have spoken with say “probably”. No one deserves this. When I think of her absence, I also […]

#350 “Baby Will” medically kidnapped in New Zealand

Baby Will is a baby in New Zealand who needs heart surgery, and his parents are asking that he receive blood from an unvaxxed person. That is easy to accomplish, yet New Zealand has TAKEN this baby from his parents, in order to do the heart surgery, and getting blood from who-knows-who. Outrageous. Astounding that […]

#349 SCOTUS website case

A Colorado web designer doesn’t want to do sites for gay weddings, although she’ll do other sites for gay people, unrelated to marriage. It’s looking like the Court may allow for her freedom of expression, and more importantly, freedom of conscience. We all need to have the ability to choose which ideas, products, or people […]

#348 GOP pols who upheld family values did well in November

The MSM would have you believe otherwise, but the GOP politicos who stood for family rights and traditional families did very well on election day. LifeSiteNews.com has done a great analysis on this. https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/pro-life-pro-family-conservatives-actually-won-massive-victories-in-the-midterms/?utm_source=featured-news&utm_campaign=usa Sponsor: Jesusdoll.com, discount code: “Heidi” Radio: LIVE Sunday nights 7-9 PM 97.1 FM Talk St. Louis Podcast: Heidi Harris Show Twitter: […]