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Heidi Harris Show Podcast #326: How to define a conservative

Ya gotta love people who call themselves “fiscally conservative but socially libertarian, or liberal”, or some other nonsense. It’s disingenuous, that’s what it is. You can’t have it both ways. When you don’t care about what happens in families, and you’re not supporting policies that strengthen marriage and families, we ALL pay the price for […]

Top five reasons I haven’t had the Covid shot

I did a video on this and it was instantly removed by Vimeo And YouTube. They called it “disinformation”. I’ll let you decide if anything I’m saying here is a lie.  Top five reasons I haven’t had the shot: 1. It was rushed to market. Effective vaccines take many years to bring to market, requiring extensive testing. […]

Headlines with Heidi! Guest, Aga Wilson, co-founder of canwetalkaboutit.org for #VaccineInjured awareness

Aga Wilson, co-founder of canwetalkaboutit.org, joined me to discuss the #vaccineinjured she’s trying to help. Please check out her website, and her show. Her bio: Agnieszka “Aga” Wilson is a humanitarian, human rights advocate, and social entrepreneur. Her experience involves working as a global consultant on human rights, policy development, and international training, for non-profits, […]

Idiotic reporter: “Why can’t Christians have FAITH in the vaccines??”

Idiotic reporter: “Why can’t Christians have FAITH in the vaccines??” Oh, brother. “Christians and the vaccine” founder Curtis Chang is insulting those of us who dare to ask questions. That’s right, buddy. You caught us. We “distrust” the “miraculous” collusion of Big Pharma, MSM, and Big Tech. When someone wants to SILENCE anyone who disagrees, […]

Headlines with Heidi! Governor Sisolak’s cover-up of a negligent Covid “testing” company whose results were 96% false.

In another example of Nevada Governor Sisolak’s complete lack of ability to lead in a crisis, or any other time, we find that a company Nevada had contracted with provided inaccurate results 96% of the time, telling who knows how many people with Covid that they were FINE. Even after the problems were discovered, nothing […]

Dr. Malone: “Most Journalists are Scientifically Unqualified” (to write about medicine)

“…corporate media and their reporters should stop trying to spin that which they do not even comprehend.” Dr. Robert Malone, one of the creators of the MRNA technology, had a great piece on his Substack about reporters who have no qualifications to write about medicine or medical breakthroughs, interpret study results, or anything else. Their only […]