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Anyone who objects to getting a rushed-to-market vaccine for Covid “violates the social contract”??

Are they serious? A couple of medical “experts” from Case Western University submitted an editorial to USA Today where they clearly outlined their vision for the vaccine that isn’t even here yet. Getting the rushed-to-market vaccine is “patriotic”, and religious objections will NOT be allowed. “Personal preference” objections violate the “social contract”. I see. This […]

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #212: Socialite Nicole Hutchison, jailed for a DUI death, on redeeming your life and creating a ministry for women

Nicole Hutchison, a well-paid executive and Texas socialite, was sentenced to ten years for a DUI accident she was involved in. Through her incarceration, she became aware of a need to reach women who want to turn their lives around. She has a great story of redemption, and founded the Rusty Diamond Network. You can […]