Cocktail Waitress Wisdom

Life lessons learned while carrying a tray in Las Vegas

Cocktail Waitress Wisdom Book Cover

Life lessons learned while carrying a tray in Las Vegas


I worked as a cocktail waitress in Las Vegas casinos for over ten years.  You might think it's a mindless job that any bimbo with high heels and breast implants can do, but you'd be wrong.  Doing the job well requires speed, organizational skills and more than a little tolerance for the (often ungrateful) public.

Reviews:Carson on wrote:

Heidi Harris is a radio talk-show host and I like her wisdom on the radio. I had to get her book and though it's a quick-read, it's very insightful and I enjoyed reading about her experiences.

J Jeffers on wrote:

A fun read , really interesting for a young woman to read, we shared this with our granddaughter a freshman in college.

Charlie on wrote:

This is a small book and a quick read. I didn't realize what a waitress had to go through in a Vegas casino.

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