“18 Reasons why I won’t be getting the vaccine”

Well researched, with plenty of links, this article by health guru Christian Elliot lays out many of the reasons people like me and others I know are leery of the jab, to say the least. I encourage you to read it and check out the links he’s provided.

I KNOW what the other side says. MSM, including Facebook and Twitter, and government officials all push ONE narrative about Covid “vaccines”. Do your research and come to your own conclusions. Please.

Rush Limbaugh’s most important decisions were spiritual

America and conservative causes owe Rush Limbaugh a debt of gratitude, but as a radio host, I owe Rush so much more. He opened doors for people like me, by bringing back the AM band and providing openings for thousands of us over the years. He taught a generation of broadcasters how it’s done. It wasn’t about politics, although most people focused on that. He was an entertainer, above all.

Great broadcasting isn’t necessarily about the subject matter. Howard Stern isn’t famous just because he had girls take their tops off in his studio. Many others have tried that approach and and failed. Just as other conservative talk show hosts have tried reading the Drudge Report as show prep and failed. They did not understand what Rush brought to the broadcasting side of things.

Best-selling author Joel C. Rosenberg (who has been a guest on my show many times) knew him well, and writes about Rush’s spiritual awakening over the last few years. THIS is what matters to me, and to God, and for eternity.

Rush and others like him tried their best to highlight what was happening politically in our country and the world. But in 30 years on the air, he did not eliminate corruption. Nor will I. That, we’ll always have with us. HOWEVER, his decision to trust Christ is what matters for eternity. See you soon, Rush.

trans people are being sold a bill of goods. so is the rest of society

This man is one of many trans people who’ve spoken out about the fact that being “non-binary”, or trans” or anything other than what they were born has not granted them serenity. I don’t care what you have under your clothes; frankly it’s none of my business, but we are lying to people when we tell them that adding or removing some body part will solve all their psychological problems. This man attests to that.

I don’t wish this man or anyone else who is struggling with feeling comfortable in their own skin any ill. I just wish we’d stop LYING to them about where psychological peace is found. And we should never allow a CHILD to make life irreversible, altering decisions about hormones.

Dr. Michael Brown reminds us that Trump was never our Savior

In his most recent column, Dr. Brown makes great points as always. I know far too many people who have treated Trump like the Messiah for four years. He never was. He did some great things, and some not so great things. What he DID was far more important than what he tweeted or said, by the way, and far more impactful for our nation and our world. Some of his decisions will benefit us for generations to come.
Some people got distracted or discouraged by Trump’s personality. That’s too bad, because you often have to look past that in people. For example, many people, like some politicians and spiritual leaders, are icky sweet in person and turn on the charm, but behind the scenes they’re doing great evil.
I don’t believe Trump did anything he didn’t think would benefit America. Sometimes his approach has been less than diplomatic, to be sure, but I do think he honestly tried to do what was best for AMERICA. The entrenched interests on both sides fought him tooth and nail. They never wanted someone to ask questions or upset their apple cart. They liked the “old way of doing business”, which of course, was doing NOTHING.
We know there was election fraud, and there’s a certain amount in every election, and I’m still hoping that Trump can win this fairly.
But if Biden wins this unfairly, we are commanded to go on with our lives like God’s people have in every generation, regardless of who’s in charge. And remember that only God, not politicians, can save us.
“Put not your trust in princes…who cannot save” Psalm 146:3

Prince William didn’t want to terrify anyone by admitting he had Covid….

So Prince William didn’t want to tell anyone about his bout with Covid, so as not to scare people, and he gets a pass, but when Trump didn’t terrify all of America in January by telling them that 2 million people ARE GOING TO DIE, (according to the NY Times) he’s a jerk. Okay. Got it.

BTW, I know a few talk show hosts who’ve had Covid, but didn’t tell their audience. That’s their choice of course, but I think as a professional communicator, you owe it to people to share what you’re going through (within reason).

God forbid some of these guys admit a frailty. I shared my experience with Covid because I’m a mortal being like everyone else,  and I thought it might help some people

Why would the media intentionally frighten people about a virus? Hmm. Let’s take a guess…

Why would media folks bend the truth?

There’s job security in clicks. Post the most ridiculous scary headlines, cherrypicked to terrify people, and you’re guaranteed clicks.

Then there’s the Us vs Them aspect. White collar bloggers have no idea what it’s like to have to leave their homes to keep their homes. They don’t care if you’re suffering. They don’t talk to people like you. Unless their favorite watering hole closes down, and then they’ll miss you.

And of course there’s the lack of curiosity and fact checking on any stories that fit their agenda. Put it together and what have you got? Bippity boppity BOO!

Check out the Spectator story on this https://spectator.org/why-would-media-frighten-people-about-a-virus-2/