Headlines with Heidi! 11/29/21

How do Dems plan to get rid of Kamala Harris? Is the Bible racist? Should Believers marry Unbelievers? Omicron scariness, and more! 

Headlines with Heidi! 11/24/21

#NLF has reached an agreement with STL, MO judge shoots down St. Louis County’s mask rules, Vegas woman kicked off plane for no mask, what your birth date says about your behavior at Thanksgiving, and MORE! 

Headlines with Heidi! 11/23/21

On today’s edition: #Waukesha killer was let out in WI when he had warrants in NV, #AhmaudArbery case goes to jury, NV Supreme Court Justice called a “White Supremicist”, and seeing God in your life. 

Headlines with Heidi! 11-22-21

On today’s edition, #Rittenhouse verdict, #HenryRuggs ordered to have 24/7 alcohol monitoring, why young people don’t like sports, and more!

Headlines with Heidi! 11/17/21

Today’s topics: Rittenhouse jury still out, DUI driver Henry Ruggs called back to court for skipping an alcohol test, (will Rav 4 design become a factor in the case?), MGM Resorts turning up the heat on employees by making them pay more money for weekly testing. I shared a story about a charity using coercion when I worked in a casino, and more!

Headlines with Heidi! 11-16-21

In today’s edition: Live from my mom’s house! Kyle Rittenhouse case goes to jury, and more!

Headlines with Heidi!! 11-4-21

Today I discuss the horrible DUI crash involving a Raiders star player, Henry Ruggs III and a defenseless Las Vegas girl, Tina Tintor, who was burned alive in her car, along with her dog, due to being hit at 156 MPH by a drunk Henry Ruggs. 

Headlines with Heidi! Virginia Gov race edition 11-3-21

The Biden agenda is dead. The Dems’ agenda of defunding police, telling parents off, lockdowns and masks for no reason, boys in girls’ bathrooms, military weakness, etc, was voted DOWN last night in Virginia. A new day has dawned (we hope). Dems up for election in 2022 will back away from #BuildBackBetter fast, I predict in this episode of “

Doctor: “The unvaccinated are looking smarter every week.”

Dr. Thomas Siler who writes for many websites including The American Thinker, has another great column explaining why we, the unvaxxed are looking smarter every day, especially since vaxxed people are still catching and spreading Covid. “Yeah, but they would have been sicker if they hadn’t had the jab!” Of course that can’t be proven, but I guess you can race out and get that booster!

Headlines with Heidi! 10-28-21

Today on the list: #DanBongino stands up for the little guys, Illinois Police Offcer’s killer arrested, #BuildBackBetter details, and why are so many builders building rental HOUSES? Hmmm?