Why would the media intentionally frighten people about a virus? Hmm. Let’s take a guess…

Why would media folks bend the truth?

There’s job security in clicks. Post the most ridiculous scary headlines, cherrypicked to terrify people, and you’re guaranteed clicks.

Then there’s the Us vs Them aspect. White collar bloggers have no idea what it’s like to have to leave their homes to keep their homes. They don’t care if you’re suffering. They don’t talk to people like you. Unless their favorite watering hole closes down, and then they’ll miss you.

And of course there’s the lack of curiosity and fact checking on any stories that fit their agenda. Put it together and what have you got? Bippity boppity BOO!

Check out the Spectator story on this https://spectator.org/why-would-media-frighten-people-about-a-virus-2/

Pastors, you have permission to preach about politics!

If you’re a Pastor, there’s good news! Dr. Wayne Grudem, Phoenix Seminary’s Professor of Theology and Biblical Studies is giving you permission to take a stand on the issues of the day. It’s okay to be bold, and educate your congregation on civics and how the Bible speaks to all areas of life. It’s not even against the law! Courageous pastors have changed the world in every generation. We need them now more than ever.

anti-lockdowners: time to take a stand!

This was a great column from Stacy Rudin on Medium. If you question the efficacy of masks, “you want to kill grandma”, “you’re ignoring science”, “you’d kill people to revive the ecomony”, “you’re a Trump supporter”, etc.

Not really. We, the thinking people, have questions, as we should.

If you come to Vegas, you’re “gambling with your life”! Oh, no!

Yes, having fun is the worst possible thing you could do now. Traveling? Especially to Vegas? Even worse. You’d be “gambling with your life” according to Pro Publica.

Breaking news: There is inherent risk in LIVING. Getting on a plane that might crash, sitting next to someone who, even before March 2020, could give you God-knows-what disease. Drinking too much in Vegas. Hooking up in Vegas, and getting God-knows-what disease…Blowing the house payment on the penny slots…

Enough, already!

Of course the journalists writing this and the doctors they interview for the story have not lost a paycheck. As usual. Why don’t they talk to some business owners who have lost everything? Get their thoughts on things?

“New York City is dead, and it’s not coming back” according to this native New Yorker

In an interesting blog post, this comedy club owner and native New Yorker clearly outlines why he believes NYC won’t come back from the economic and societal changes caused by the pandemic. He makes some great points, many of which apply to Vegas, I’m afraid.

What he fails to mention are the economic policies created by liberal politicians who made the lockdown worse, and recovery less likely, as wealthy people have fled the high taxes and see no need to return.

Getting that “free” vaccine may cost you more than you realize

There’s more and more talk of “tracking” people who’ve had Covid-19, had the vaccine, or haven’t had either one, through biometrics.

This is a great opportunity for those who want to track our health and possibly our movements, to be able to justify it under the guise of what’s best for “public health”. You may not care about what happens in Third World countries, or the feasibility of tracking people with no access to clean water, much less the Internet, but Immunity Passports may be the next requirement for travel.

So much for ever seeing Israel! And I really wanted to go, too.

Anyone who objects to getting a rushed-to-market vaccine for Covid “violates the social contract”??

Are they serious? A couple of medical “experts” from Case Western University submitted an editorial to USA Today where they clearly outlined their vision for the vaccine that isn’t even here yet. Getting the rushed-to-market vaccine is “patriotic”, and religious objections will NOT be allowed. “Personal preference” objections violate the “social contract”. I see.

This would seem outrageous and impossible to enforce, if it weren’t for the implications of not being allowed to go certain places or hold a job if you aren’t vaccinated. Others have called for that, too.

These clowns want people to carry “immunization cards” to prove they’ve been vaccinated. For what, a virus strain that will go away and be replaced by another one in a few years?

And what about people like me, who’ve already had Covid? We’re off the hook, right?

Who will be forced to get the jab first? Medical professionals? First responders? TEACHERS? Hairdressers? Anyone who works in hospitality, like CASINO and CRUISE SHIP workers? Serious questions we need to be asking.

Sure, give money to clinics that turn children into medical eunuchs. Why not?

I harbor no ill will toward any adult who wants to add or subtract a body part or take hormones. That’s a choice they should be free to make, although extensive research has proven they’re not happier after surgery. Suicide rates are higher among transgenders, etc. That being said, it is EVIL to allow children, who cannot consent to anything else, to become medical eunuchs. Regardless of how you feel about it, government shouldn’t be paying for ANY of this. But that’s California – what do you expect?

Bill Gates telling the CIA about using a vaccine to cure “religious fanaticism”.

Nothing to see here. Just Bill Gates talking about the part of the brain linked to “religious fanaticism”, and how it could be altered with a vaccine. Preferably a “respiratory or flu vaccine”. Would this just apply to the guys in pajamas, and stop them from blowing everything and everyone up in the name of Allah, or does this apply to anyone of faith? I have some questions…

No, Karen, you can’t assault a teenager who’s not wearing a mask…

Here’s what I don’t understand: If you want to wear a mask, do it, (most places require it anyway), but clearly you cannot HIT a complete stranger for not wearing one. If you’re that concerned you’re going to DIE if you get near someone not wearing a mask, stay HOME, or stay AWAY from them in the store! I thought that 6 feet thing was supposed to protect everyone?