Heidi Harris Show Podcast #104: Who are you calling a LIBERAL?

Lately a few posters to my Facebook page have been calling me a liberal, which is laughable, considering that I haven’t waffled, wavered or backed down from my conservative values one inch. My refusal to go with the flow has cost me money and jobs, but I haven’t budged. I am accountable to God, not some Program Director, or the “evolving” GOP platform. Many so-called conservatives, including some in my industry, have gone soft on some major issues, mostly the social ones.

The definition of “conservative” these days seems to have changed. People no longer defend traditional marriage or get annoyed by things like legal prostitution or legal pot, which just a few years ago would have been a given. I actually know a few conservatives who are making MONEY selling legal pot! What makes them different from some Columbian Cartel member? So much for values.

So the next time I have the temerity to question Trump or any other member of the GOP for veering left, save your keystrokes. You’re the ones off track. I don’t drink Koolaid. And I don’t go with the flow. That’s why they’re called VALUES.

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