Heidi Harris Show Podcast #197: What happens when NV PERS retirement system loses money during #VegasShutdown

Along with everyone else who’s losing money in this #VegaShutdown, PERS, the Public Employees’ Retirement System will also lose money. Will they ask for tax increases to make up the deficit? And if so, will people who AREN’T government employees revolt? Victor Joecks, whose columns for the Las Vegas Review Journal often focus on Nevada fiscal policy and education, joined me to discuss.

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  1. Ron Dreher says:

    Hi Heidi:

    Our Nevada PERS is best in class and very sound. Please stop the scare tactics as none of what you reported is true. Please see the legislative history of our NV PERS. If only the rest of the private sector would offer defined benefits for retirement instead of 401K’s. Thank God our PERS is constitutionally protected! Victor has been anti-PERS and anti-public employees for years.

  2. Bill Howlett says:

    With so many things actually happening you can only talk about ifs? Let’s focus at what’s upon us and not one of the best run retirement systems in the country.


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