Heidi Harris Show Podcast #200: Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman on the #VegasShutdown

Mayor Carolyn Goodman is being trashed in the press for an interview she did with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, who in my opinion was condescending, to say the least. He’s just another guy who’s not missing a check, while telling us to stay home.

The Mayor has been a fierce defender of Vegas and free enterprise, while the “pearl clutchers” tell us to stay home, go broke, and “be patient”. She joined me moments after her CNN interview.

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  1. Larry Drummond says:

    Enjoyed your discussion with The Mayor. I think the Mayor was great on CNN and with you. She wants to open up Vegas and was very clear in qualifying that it should proceed in a very fair and controlled manor. I have to respect The Governor though as I don’t think people realize that Vegas/Nevada has not peaked yet… so we are at least 14 more days away from Part One proceeding. As a casino dealer and as a senior citizen still working part time, I can tell you that I am not in a hurry to get back to work.


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