Heidi Harris Show Podcast #234: Sports Spectrum host Jason Romano on athletes and faith

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I came across Jason Romano and Sports Spectrum quite by accident, (although I don’t really believe in “accidents” in God’s plan). A former producer for the biggest shows on ESPN for 17 years, Jason left because he felt called spiritually to do more with his life. On his Sports Spectrum podcast and website, he interviews professional and college athletes about their faith.

His latest book, The Uniform of Leadership, is eye-opening and inspiring. You get a behind-the-scenes view of what it’s like to work at ESPN and some great stories from the incredible athletes Jason met over the course of his career there, and continues to speak with today. Give it your son or daughter for Christmas (after you read it), or any sports fan you know.

Jason and I had a great chat about his career and the fact that as he was working his way up, and doing all the “grind jobs” in broadcasting, God was really directing his path so he’d have the varied skills necessary for his new ministry.

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