Navy SEAL who was healthy 9 months ago is dead

During Hell Week, he had respiratory problems, including fluid in his lungs, coughing and difficulty breathing, rapid weight gain and swelling in his legs, and disorientation, according to the investigation. Medical professionals examined Mullen every day that week, but his symptoms were common among many of the candidates, and, according to witnesses, he declined more medical attention for fear it would exclude him from completing his training.

By the time he successfully completed Hell Week, Mullen had gained 22 pounds from swelling and fluid retention, and he had to return to the barracks in a wheelchair. Witnesses reported that he was coughing and spitting up red-tinged fluids and that by that afternoon he was bloated and gasping for air and that his skin was turning blueish, a witness said.”

These are the healthiest people on Earth. Now he’s died from “an enlarged heart” and a few other things. 

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