Never Be Afraid To Take On The Bad Guys

“Many years ago I was walking in Sunset Park, a popular park in Las Vegas. There was an area in the back where there were lots of trees and trails and I was walking my dog off leash. Suddenly I saw a young guy wearing parachute pants (think MC Hammer) like they wore in the 80’s, without a shirt and using a walking stick. I flashed on Ted Bundy and his notorious fake cast.

I gave the guy a menacing look, put my dog back on leash and left the area.

A few minutes later, walking along the edge of the bushes, I heard a noise, so I stepped into the clearing. There he was, talking to two little girls! They had their backs to me. I took a step forward toward him, he looked up at me, and they turned around when he looked up. I called them over and asked them if they knew him. They said no, and I told them to get out of there and to not play in those bushes.

That clearing was just a few feet from the main park, but with all the noise in the park you could basically do ANYTHING to someone and no one would hear it. Those little girls had no idea of the danger, and clearly neither did their parents. I could have ignored the whole thing. After all, it wasn’t my business, but the crusader in me took over. The creep followed me through the park yelling obscenities, and saying, “What are you, Superwoman?” I went to the first table full of people I saw, and we called the police. He got arrested for outstanding warrants.

We all have a duty to get involved and care about each other. One day I was leaving the pet store and there was a dog in a very hot car. I started yelling toward the store, because the doors opened every few seconds, “Whose DOG is this?” The guy came out and didn’t appreciate my berating him. I’d like to have seen HIM sit in that car for even five minutes without A/C.

The weird things was when some girl who looked half out of it walked by and got mad at ME and told me to mind MY business! What, I shouldn’t call someone out for being a jerk when a dog’s life is at stake? That kind of logic escapes me, but is far too common these days. Don’t tell anyone they’re wrong, even when they are. Let’s not make anyone look or feel bad. And that, my friends, is how evil flourishes.”

Excerpt from my latest book, “Don’t Pat Me on The Head, Blowback, Setbacks, and Comebacks in Vegas Radio” available at

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