Heidi Harris Show Podcast #286: Raiders player comes out as gay. So what?

Raiders player Carl Nassib comes out as gay, and it’s all anyone in Vegas media can talk about. Of course it’s the Top Story – it runs counter to everything that keeps America strong. Strong families, kids raised by the moms and dads who created them, people not having indiscriminate sex. I know nothing about Carl Nassib’s behavior, but what a contrast from how Tim Tebow was treated.

Nobody called Tim Tebow “courageous” for not having sex before he was married and not making kids with five different women, like many professional athletes do. Instead they mocked him for his faith and his adherence to Biblical values. And of course the same Vegas newspaper that called Kody Brown’s “Sister Wives” his WIVES (when they weren’t) is putting Nassib’s story on the front page. It does matter that they chose to highlight a guy strictly because of his sex life. Luckily, no one reads newspapers anymore.