Headlines with Heidi! Vegas Councilwoman sues another for assault! Pass the popcorn!

Las Vegas Councilwoman Victoria Seaman is suing Councilwoman Michele Fiore for assault, and is accusing the city of covering things up. Pass the popcorn! And CCSD is enjoying their new “rules” that allow people to get better grades. Grades they really don’t earn. Where was that when I was in school in Vegas??
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Headlines with Heidi! Local (Vegas) teacher punished for protecting students! She and her attorney joined me.

Local teacher Shushan Sadjadi was told by some students at Garside Middle School that they were being subjected to strip searches, sometimes in front of other students and even people of the opposite sex in some cases. As a mandatory reporter whenever there’s abuse, she reported it, and the school sought ways to punish here. She and her attorney Brian Berman joined me with details.

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Headlines with Heidi! 3/25/22 (video)

LIVE from my mom’s house! Today’s topics: Ketanji Brown Jackson isn’t qualified/ CCSD offering “relocation bonuses” of $4000 to new teachers/Biden is worried about the “refugee kids” at the WRONG border/Clark County Commission sound like they’re trying to blame the rental housing shortage in Vegas on Air BNB owners, and MORE! 


Headlines with Heidi! 3/11/22

CCSD Superintendent Jesus Jara talks a good game about school violence, but has no concrete plans to do anything about it. And the bleeding hearts are still trying to stop the so-called “school to prison pipeline”. Gimme a break. Local pastor Troy Martinez has a plan to put “Dads in schools” to help with the situation. Of course, if we had DADS in HOMES, we’d ALL be better off.

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Headlines with Heidi! 2/24/22

Thoughts on Ukraine, ACLU complaining about the violence level at CCSD and what I’d do about it if I were in charge. Also, don’t tell me that woman didn’t know her boyfriend wasn’t nice to her child before he ultimately murdered him…and MORE!

Headlines with Heidi! 1/19/22

The Teachers’ Health Trust has been in the red from DAy ONe, and guess whp pays for that? YOU DO! Even if you’re not a teacher. Victor Joecks, columnist for the Las Vegas REview Jurnal, joined me to discuss.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #110: New CCSD “School Justice Partnership”

The CCSD has now voted to implement a new system, the “School Justice Partnership” to keep kids out of trouble, which in reality does nothing to improve anyone’s behavior. Allowing offenses like destroying property or larceny to be handled with “intervention” and “support” leaves out the well-behaved kids and the taxpayers, who have a right to pay for schools that function correctly. If the focus is to prepare kids for life, they need to realize that poor behavior isn’t going to serve them well. A swat on the tush won’t do it.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #49: What Data are Schools Gathering on your Child?

We hear about the vast amount of data Facebook, Google and others are gathering on us, but we willingly give that up. But what about kids, whose information is being gathered by schools without anyone’s knowledge? Parent and educator John Eppolito, from Protect Nevada Children, has some insight on what’s being gathered and what can be done to stop it.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #39: Should Domestic Violence Victims be Allowed to Teach?

Several topics covered today:

Fox News host Jesse Watters cheating on his wife? (jerk)

Florida gun laws proposed. (won’t accomplish a thing)

Teacher who’s a DV victim loses her job. (sorry, she should)

CCSD will allow kids to walk out for “gun awareness”?? Why can’t they march in JULY?