Heidi Harris Show Podcast #232: Dr. Wayne Grudem on politics from the pulpit

Dr. Wayne Grudem, Professor of Theology and Biblical Studies at Phoenix Seminary and author of over 20 books, joined me to discuss the issue of pastors discussing politics from the pulpit, a letter he recently posted entitled “Letter to an anti-Trump Christian Friend”, which got a lot of attention. You can find more about him at 

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #159: Are some churches “welcoming” people by “affirming” sin?

Sure, all of us are sinners, and we all fall short. That’s why we needed a Savior. But some churches now call themselves “welcoming and affirming”. It’s one thing to “welcome” someone into a relationship with Christ, as He did to many during his lifetime, including the thief on the cross, whose sins were widely known. (Luke 23:40-43)

What Jesus didn’t do was tell the guy that anything he’d done in the past was fine by him. There are rules, there is sin, and we all commit them. For any church to “affirm” people by basically saying that any lifestyle is welcome is WRONG.

If you show up at church with your girlfriend when you’re married, is that okay? Not in my church. Should the church gossip get up and talk about everyone from the pulpit? Why not? The Bible calls many things “sin”, although most of them don’t involve sex, because God knows what will or will not make us happy and make society better. Treating the poor well, not cheating on your spouse, not screwing others over in business…just a few of the things God frowns upon. Oh yeah, and gay relationships aren’t okay, either.

God’s job isn’t to “make us happy”. He didn’t create us so we could do whatever we want to, and follow every lust. Our job is to make HIM happy. To deny ourselves (and our basic inclinations) and follow HIM is the goal. (Luke 9:23)

To tell people that any category of sin is fine is WRONG, and does a disservice to seekers of Christ. Pastors will be held accountable for misleading their flock.