Headlines with Heidi! 5/19/22 Vegas “Black Widow” Margaret Rudin’s conviction vacated??

In 1994, well-known Vegas realtor Ron Rudin disappeared. Friends and police suspected his wife, who went on the run once she realized she was going to be indicted. She was Ron’s 5th wife – he was her 5th husband. (I’m sensing a pattern here).

Her trial was a huge Vegas story at the time, and her lawyer and the judge, both colorful Vegas characters themselves, sparred many times in court. She was convicted and given 20-to-life. After serving served 20 years she was released in 2020. Now her conviction has been vacated by a judge for “ineffective counsel” (which was true; he was a train wreck).

Detective Phil Ramos was one of the main investigators on the case. He joined me to talk about it.

Forensic Files episode on this case:
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