Heidi Harris Show podcast #154: Don’t waste money on college?

Bridget Phetasy wrote a great column for America Spectator, decrying the complete waste of money a college degree is for most people. She made some great points. I also wonder how many people, frantically trying to pay off school loans, have to dump their kids in daycare while they work unfulfilling jobs, often unrelated to their degree, to keep up with the payments. Keeping people enslaved to debt is a great way to keep them from realizing what the politicians are really up to.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #152: CEO’s no longer requiring college degrees?

Obviously a college degree says something about you. It say that you’ve put in the time and effort and been diligent enough to pass years of courses. However, these days the courses taught at many colleges are useless, and teach nothing about real life careers. Degrees tell employers nothing about your ability to get along with others, your aptitude for a specific occupation,  or even if you’re likely to show up on time.

I can’t tell you how many typos I see daily on MAJOR news web sites, no doubt edited by Journalism grads.

Recently 25 CEO’s, many of whom work for companies created by college dropouts, explained to President Trump that college degrees are not something they necessarily look for anymore in the people they hire. Choosing whether to put the time in to get that degree is a personal decision, but it should be based on whether or not you or your parents see it as a worthwhile investment of your time and their money.

The recent college entrance cheating scandal doesn’t exactly help add esteem to that piece of paper on your wall. Were you even qualified to begin with…?

You might find that while you’re busy partying on campus every weekend, ostensibly working towards that degree in something worthless, the other guys are achieving success without one. You just might find yourself years behind them when you finally enter the the real world.