Headlines with Heidi! 2/8/22

Dem politician says he’s ready to “give people their lives back”???? As IF he ever held my life in his hands! Biden free crack pipes??? Anything to further tear our families apart…. And MORE!

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #190: Why so much despair on the left?

The left seems to be in despair these days, and I see more and more posts regarding this on social media. A liberal friend of mine, whose dad was a famous actor, put this rant on Facebook the other day:

“When I am not frightened by what I see happening in the world, I just feel incurable grief. How is it possible that with all of the abundance, wonder and beauty the earth has to offer, we have constructed a human existence that presents with such scarcity, dread and ugliness? This is no longer a question for the ages, but a pressing concern of existential urgency to us all. There really is only one question left to ask: Is there a way to set a course toward a new way of being human that will make it possible for us to save ourselves, from ourselves?”

It’s pretty sad when someone puts their faith in HUMANITY to save us. We can’t. We don’t have the power. Aren’t you glad? Can you imagine if WE were in charge of everything? Breaking news: People will always let you down. Even people you love. Even people of good character. It’s how you respond to the evil in the world that determines your quality of life.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #150: The Screw Nevada Teachers Bill – AB 168

Teachers, why do you continue to vote Democrats in, when they do everything they can to make your lives miserable? AB 168 would focus on “restorative justice”, a concept which has been very detrimental to teachers and society when it has been implemented in other states. No one has a “right” to an education at the expense of teachers or other students.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #71: Dems Cannibalizing Each Other and Culinary Strike Looms

It’s fun to watch Dems going after each other, like the GOP candidates usually do. Tick Segerblom is being accused of all kinds of things by his opponent, and Commissioners Steve Sisolak and Chris G are wasting money slugging it out in a bloody Gubernatorial primary, which ultimately benefits Adam Laxalt. Good.

And as the Culinary strike looms, I have some thoughts on that.