Heidi Harris Show Podcast #263: Guest, Pharmacist Dr. Sal Giorgianni

Dr. Sal Giorgianni, Doctor of Pharmacy and Science Director for Mens Health Network, joined me with an update on vaccines, why the side effects seem to be more pronounced in women, and why men seem to die from Covid more often than women.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #254: Pharmacist Dr. Sal Giorgianni on Johnson & Johnson vaccine

Pharmacist Dr. Sal Giorgianni joined me last week to discuss the J&J “one jab” vaccine so many people were waiting for. He discussed the differences between the Johnson & Johnson  vaccine and Moderna’s and Pfizer’s, some myths about vaccines and what they contain. While I personally will NOT get any vaccine (at least for this; I had many in my childhood), I was interested to hear his perspective on it. He always kind to join me and share his expertise.

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