Heidi Harris Show Podcast #140: The Facebook “Culture” of Crybabies

There was a CNBC story this week about the so-called “Facebook culture”, where former employees whined about having to pretend they were happy at work when they weren’t. They also complained about the fact that Facebook has a “top down” approach, where management makes the decisions. REALLY? Oh, NO! They also want to have their “authentic selves” acknowledged. I don’t even know what that means.

This is a preview of coming attractions for employers, many of whom have encouraged liberal values in college, and are now reaping the employees they’ve sewn.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #111: Conservatives abandoning Facebook?

Yes, it’s true. Conservatives are leaving Facebook, and now there have been two more lawsuits against Facebook for selling users’ date to outside companies without permission. As long as people like to present a “highlight reel” of their lives to the world, Facebook or something like it will exist, but between the continuing conservative censorship and the privacy of EVERYONE being breached, Facebook is in for a rough road ahead.