Heidi Harris Show Podcast #102: Who Defines “Fake News”?

Recently there was a headline about the NRA admitting that the State of New York is costing them huge money because Governor Cuomo is putting pressure on insurance companies and banks who do business with the NRA.

When I posted that story on Facebook, many people rejected it out of hand as “fake news” simply because I posted the link from the New York Post (not exactly a lefty site, at least not politically).

Several other far more left leaning sites were also talking about it. That was pretty disturbing to me that people automatically assumed the story to be false just because of the source. But that just demonstrates how distrust of the media has reached all all time high.

We may distrust them, but they’re not always wrong. Checking all sides of issues is essential.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #76: Identifying Fake News

There’s fake news everywhere, and that’s not just where’s there’s a matter of opinion on the facts, but where the facts are inaccurate or misleading. There’s more news than ever, but more reason than ever to check things out and do your research.