Heidi Harris Show Podcast #218: Senate report on “The demise of the happy two parent home”

Some of the U.S. Senate recently commissioned a report on “The demise of the happy two parent home”, and the findings weren’t surprising. The foundation of a strong society is strong families. Illegitimacy is the number one cause of poverty in America. A child without a father is more likely to be incarcerated, act up in school, and be depressed. These facts should surprise no one, yet we continue to hear from the left that a “family” is anything you want to make it, and can change at will with no repercussions for the children or society. How wrong they are…

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #199: Dr. Meg Meeker, Raising Strong Daughters in a Toxic Culture

I’ve been a fan of Dr. Meg Meeker for over 20 years, since I read her book “Epidemic: How Teen Sex is Killing our Kids”. She’s a pediatrician, a wife and mother, a speaker, and author of many fantastic books, the latest being “Raising a Strong Daughter in a Toxic Culture”. She is on the front lines of the culture war daily. She joined me for my podcast.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #31: Banning Gun Accessories Solves Nothing

When will we learn? Parents have destroyed families in America, don’t pay attention to what their kids have in their ROOMS, yet we blame gun accessories? Your kid has an arsenal in his room that you’re unaware of, and it’s TRUMP’S fault?

The Trump “ban” on gun accessories will not be implemented, because it’s too vague, and even if it were, it would solve NOTHING. Nor will it garner the GOP any extra votes in the next election.

These Florida kids whining about gun control need a history lesson on what happens to people when only government has guns. The major missing link is that teach kids that they aren’t created for a purpose, so who cares what they do? We only invite God to the party AFTER the shootings. We are completely missing the point.

What student debt is really costing us.

One of the aspects of the student debt problem that no one wants to acknowledge is what it’s doing to families. If you can only earn $40 or $50K a year after you get that fancy degree, which most college grads do, you will never pay off your student loan debts of hundreds of thousands while you’re still young enough to have children. So that means your kid will be raised by strangers while you’re frantically trying to pay the salaries of (mostly liberal) college professors, who would prefer your kid be in care care.

You are told you won’t be able to have any kind of life without a college degree, but aren’t told what that overpriced piece of paper will really do to your life. Colleges get away with this because they recycle students every few years, so no one is around long enough to complain.

Higher education, while important to some occupations, is the biggest racket in the world, if you consider the ratio of expenditures to outcome. You are lied to about the value of that degree versus the debt you incur, and what it really costs you, and us, as a society.

Prospective students ought to be able to see a spreadsheet of what the degree will really cost versus what kinds of jobs they will really be prepared for as a result. I know too many people whose kids are doing jobs they didn’t need a college degree for even after college, while paying off mountains of useless debt.

Although no one can take away that degree you’ve earned, if it’s enslaving you and forcing you to give up being the primary influence over your children, what’s the point?

Heidi Harris