Fox News Panders to People Who DON’T Watch or Read Them

Honestly, gay rights in NOT my favorite subject, but these days the stories are coming out faster than I can keep up.

Once again, another company is pandering to the gay rights activist who DON’T watch or listen to them anyway. (Been there, done that). Fox News removed Executive Vice President John Moody’s online OPINION columnn because some gay rights groups didn’t like what he had to say. What???

The activists could have “tolerated” his opinion of course, looked the other way, or ignored it, but instead they want him silenced. And what’s worse than those who demand censorship is that the people at Fox folded like cheap tents.

What ever happened to “You don’t like it? Oh, that’s too bad. Sorry, the column/show/person STAYS.” What is everyone AFRAID of? What’s the WORST that could happen?

Every time we cede ground to email terrorists, our culture loses. And the people who tune in for a conservative viewpoint are again disappointed by cultural weenies who don’t stand for anything. You cannot program a radio or TV station with the sole purpose of not ruffling feathers. That attitude is killing talk radio, and it’s killing so-called “conservative” TV networks.

Heidi Harris

The 1979 Gay Manifesto: How much have they achieved?

This is the manifesto written by gay activists in 1979. Notice what they are opposed to? FAMILIES, RELIGION…

“The very form of the family works against homosexuality.”

Here’s their list of demands. Many of their goals have been achieved already:

“That all discrimination against gay people, male and female, by the law, by employers, and by society at large, should end.

That all people who feel attracted to a member of their own sex be taught that such feeling are perfectly valid.

That sex education in schools stop being exclusively heterosexual.

That psychiatrists stop treating homosexuality as though it were a sickness, thereby giving gay people senseless guilt complexes.

That gay people be as legally free to contact other gay people, though newspaper ads, on the streets and by any other means they may want as are heterosexuals, and that police harassment should cease right now.

That employers should no longer be allowed to discriminate against anyone on account of their sexual preferences.

That the age of consent for gay males be reduced to the same as for straight.

That gay people be free to hold hands and kiss in public, as are heterosexuals.”

Clearly some of these demands are perfectly reasonable, such as not being harassed by police, or being allowed to contact each other (the internet solved that problem). But the bottom line is that this manifesto DEMANDS that everyone AGREE with something. No one can demand that.

As I have said repeatedly, I don’t care what any consenting adults do with each other, (unless they’re cheating on spouses and kids are involved, and then they are rats). It’s simply NONE of my business. But no one has the right to demand ACCEPTANCE and APPLAUSE for their behavior, gay, straight or otherwise.

Heidi Harris