Heidi Harris Show Podcast #233: Democrat filmmaker discovers the truth about illegal immigration

What happens when a documentary filmmaker, who happens to be a Democrat, sets out to do a documentary on illegal immigration, and finds out that much of what she’s been told about immigration is a lie? Namrata Singh Gurjal, Director of America’s Forgotten, uncovers the lies immigrants are being told in other countries by the human smugglers, and the lies perpetuated by American politicians, encouraging them to risk their lives and the lives of their children.

She had a decision to make – continue with the film, and follow the trail where it led, or ignore the uncomfortable truth?


Heidi Harris Show Podcast #82: Are Children Really in Cages? And if so, WHY?

#Childrenincages is a Twitter hashtag about the border situation. This has become nothing more than propaganda for the left, especially because we heard nothing about this when the same thing was happening while Obama was President.

No one wants people to suffer, but the PARENTS are responsible for handing their kids over to strangers. They could turn around and go home. We simply cannot allow everyone who shows up to enter our country.