Heidi Harris Show Podcast #292: Dr. Kelly Victory on “horse medicine” for Covid. Does it work?

What is this “horse medicine” for Covid that we keep hearing about? (Ivermectin) Dr. Kelly victory, #FactsNotFear, a 30 year physician and Board Certified emergency medical specialist, joined me to explain that drug, how it works, and why rigid “hospital protocols” are contribute to Covid deaths.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #264: Dr. Kelly Victory on Fauci taking credit for vaccines

Dr. Kelly Victory, President of Victory Health, joins me every week to provide #FactNotFear. On this week’s show, we talked about Dr. Anthony Fauci taking credit for the vaccines, and the benefits of Ivermectin as a treatment for Covid. We also discussed why you didn’t need a flu shot to travel a year ago, but with Covid, people are talking about that being a requirement to attend concerts or travel. You can guess why. It has nothing to do with the dangers….