Heidi Harris Show Podcast #333: If you got the shot and now have regrets, OWN it. Don’t blame others.

I’m already seeing “buyer’s remorse” among people who got the Covid jab and are now looking for someone to blame for their own bad decision. They’re saying they “didn’t know”, blah, blah, blah…. YOU SHOULD HAVE. If you chose to believe that Big Pharma and MSM and Government had and have your best interests at heart, bully on you.

Many of us make bad decisions of all categories, but you won’t learn form them unless you take an honest look at WHY you did it, and resolve to never do it again. I’m not beating anyone up, but if you have regret, own it. I hope you’re okay….

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Dr. Malone: “Most Journalists are Scientifically Unqualified” (to write about medicine)

“…corporate media and their reporters should stop trying to spin that which they do not even comprehend.” Dr. Robert Malone, one of the creators of the MRNA technology, had a great piece on his Substack about reporters who have no qualifications to write about medicine or medical breakthroughs, interpret study results, or anything else. Their only goal is to try to spin it the way their overlords want it spun.

Headlines with Heidi! 12/29/21

#MSM covering for #HarryReid, the duplicitous creep. Woman spends four hours in an airplane bathroom after she got a positive #Covid test! Another crime committed by someone who should NOT HAVE BEEN BAILED OUT, and MORE!