Heidi Harris Show Podcast #220: Pastor afraid of “cancel culture”? Really?

A pastor in a very large Southern church has decide to close church for several months because, among other reason, he doesn’t like the “cancel culture”. What nonsense. Perhaps while he’s on sabbatical, he should read the Book of Acts. The early church had it much worse. Buck up, pal! Or choose another profession, where there’s no blowback. (If you find one, let me know…)

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #126: Matt Staver, President of Liberty Counsel, on what pastors can legally say from the pulpit

Many pastors are terrified to delve into politics or express an opinion from the pulpit because they’re afraid they’ll lose their tax-exempt status. Matt Staver, Founder and President of Liberty Counsel, joined me to clarify what pastors can and cannot do, legally and morally.