Heidi Harris Show Podcast #242: What Trump should do on his way out

As we head toward a Joe Biden administration, I am discouraged by the anger I see directed at Mike Pence. Although I believe the election was fraught with problems, and frankly, stolen from Trump, at some point you have to move on. Breaking news: Life isn’t fair. Mike Pence is NOT the cause of Trump’s loss, and should not be blamed by conservatives going forward. Trump won the Presidency partly because Pence on the ticket reassured the Evangelical voters. He’s been absolutely loyal, and his reputation should not be sullied by Trump throwing grenades over his shoulder as he leaves the White House.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #157: Mayor Pete and intolerance

“Mayor Pete” as he calls himself, wants to be our next President, but so far his qualifications are “I’m gay and I hate Mike Pence”. An attack on Mike Pence, who never says ANYTHING bad about anyone, is an attack on ALL Christians. Pete clearly has a problem with someone else’s BELIEFS, and that is scary.