Heidi Harris Show Podcast #196: Rebecca Bender, “Trafficked to Triumphant”

Rebecca Bender, a formerly sex trafficked woman, has written an excellent book which is a must-read for anyone with a daughter. Sons aren’t immune to being trafficked, either. The book is called “In Pursuit of Love, One Woman’s Journey from Trafficked to Triumphant”. She spent many years being sex trafficked to the “best” casinos in Vegas.

In our chat, we discuss how pimps lure women in, and how “sex work” is not something that should be considered a legitimate occupation. Anyone who believes otherwise hasn’t done the research.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #67: Nevada Madam on Why Courtesans Are Really Feminists

A Nevada brothel madam joined me to explain why she sees prostitution as a feminist job. Obviously I think it’s immoral, but that doesn’t mean I judge the ladies in the industry. I wanted you to hear how that side of the argument feels about it.

For me, it’s sad that men and women can’t find one person and have a happy life, sexually and otherwise, and sex is supposed to be sacred, but I understand that’s not the reality or belief of every person. My opinion hasn’t changed, because it’s based on principle, but I’m always nice to my guests, whether I agree with them or not.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #63: No, Prostitution Isn’t Just a Simple Business Transaction

There’s a push to eliminate legal prostitution in Pahrump and some other places in Nevada. I’m always dismayed when I hear people saying things like, “It’s just a transaction between two willing people…” Really? Then why is it a bigger deal if you’re raped than if someone grabs your purse? Hmmm?

It’s a sad industry that hurts people on both sides of the equation.