trans people are being sold a bill of goods. so is the rest of society

This man is one of many trans people who’ve spoken out about the fact that being “non-binary”, or trans” or anything other than what they were born has not granted them serenity. I don’t care what you have under your clothes; frankly it’s none of my business, but we are lying to people when we tell them that adding or removing some body part will solve all their psychological problems. This man attests to that.

I don’t wish this man or anyone else who is struggling with feeling comfortable in their own skin any ill. I just wish we’d stop LYING to them about where psychological peace is found. And we should never allow a CHILD to make life irreversible, altering decisions about hormones.

Sure, give money to clinics that turn children into medical eunuchs. Why not?

I harbor no ill will toward any adult who wants to add or subtract a body part or take hormones. That’s a choice they should be free to make, although extensive research has proven they’re not happier after surgery. Suicide rates are higher among transgenders, etc. That being said, it is EVIL to allow children, who cannot consent to anything else, to become medical eunuchs. Regardless of how you feel about it, government shouldn’t be paying for ANY of this. But that’s California – what do you expect?

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #167: If you refuse to date transgenders, are you “dehumanizing” them?

Transgendered people have a suicide rate 25 times higher than the general public, (41%) and now we have an “expert” claiming that when straight people don’t want to date them it’s “dehumanizing”, and may be contributing to their unhappiness. Now trans people have a “right” to companionship? The rest of us are responsible for their health and wellbeing?

I think we all know that if you want a partner, you need to make yourself as desirable and attractive as possible. People make choices, people have varying tastes, and they’re not “(fill in the blank) phobic” because they do.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #158: Press ignores trans aspect of suicide attempt

A young man’s post about the cost of attempted suicide went viral, but most press outlets ignore the fact that he’s a transgender. Their rates of suicide and suicide attempts are through the roof. While not knowing whether that was the cause of his attempt, we still need to consider it as a factor, and not conveniently “ignore” it because it doesn’t fit the narrative.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #32 – CCSD Gender Diversity Meeting

I attended the CCSD School Board Trustees meeting last night, where they were trying to push the “Gender Diversity” plan which among other things, would allow Planned Parenthood to teach Sex Ed!

Ultimately the item was shelved, because they were in violation of Open Meeting laws. But they aren’t giving up, and this plan does nothing to help kids and costs US money. Idiots!

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #30 – Gutless Christians Need to Stand Up!

A JUDGE in Ohio has taken a child away from her parents because they refuse to give her LIFE ALTERING hormones to cure her “gender dysphoria”. It’s complete insanity, especially since MOST people who have those treatments live to regret it. The parents want her to have counseling, to address the root causes of her unhappiness, but the grandparents want to allow her to make these PERMANENT decisions at 17 because she’s threatening suicide. So she’s troubled AND manipulative? Wait ’till she loses her ability have kids. This is terrible violation of parental rights.

I wonder if that same judge would have given her grandparents custody if her parents had refused to buy her a GUN?

The culture war is being lost NOT because there’s evil in the world; there’s always been evil. The reason it’s going downhill so fast is because Christians are losing their spines and ceding more and more ground.