Headlines with Heidi! Legendary Vegas trumpeter John Hughes Bennet!

John Hughes Bennet was a world class trumpet player for decades in Vegas, and continues to play great, well into his 80’s. He was my father’s best friend and they were on the bandstand together for many years, playing some of the greatest acts Vegas ever saw. He’s got great stories of what Vegas was like in its heyday!

If you’re a musician, or like old Vegas stories, you want to watch this! Get his book on Amazon!

Book: Horns Up, Boys, it’s Showtime!

(Bear with me, as I was still trying to get the lighting and camera right when I recorded this interview! Remember, I’m a RADIO girl!)

Headlines with Heidi! 1/18/22

Texas synagogue hostage escape was a miracle. THREE women killed by people who should not have been on the streets in the last few days. (And these are the ones we hear about) And a “Busker Beatdown” on Fremont Street in Vegas!


Headlines with Heidi! 12/17/21

Will the #Superbowl benefit #Vegas, as much as the #NFL says it will? Sports economist Dr. Victor Matheson joined me with some insight. 

Headlines with Heidi! 12/3/21

Today’s topics: Gov Piece-A-Crap keeps face diapers on in Vegas for the forseeable future, and a 1980 Vegas Cold Case murder victim has been identified. Also, my comments on moral courage, which is so lacking these days, and seems to be more prevalent than evil. And more! 

Vegas business owner explains how her business was destroyed through Covid lockdowns (video)

Emily Palmer owned a bakery in Vegas until Governor Sisolak shut everything down. Small businesses are already fragile, but hers was thriving….until last year. Last week, she told the County Commissioners off at their “emergency meeting” about “Delta”. Some applauded her, and some have trashed her, but she speaks boldly for MANY. She told me her story. 

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #226: Vegas bartender has some crazy stories….9/29/20

By popular demand, I’m posting more and more segments from my show on my podcast, although I will continue to post other interviews on here, too. Today, local Vegas bartender Erik Bingel joined me. He wrote a funny book Called “Looking for love in all the wrong Vegas”. Boy, does he have stories….Here’s a link to buy the book. 

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #219: Pro Publica says Vegas is “Gambling with lives”. Is that true?

A recent column from Marshall Allen in Pro Publica says” Cellphone data shows how Las Vegas is ‘Gambling with lives’ across the country”. Experts analyzed cell phone data to see where people went who had been in Vegas, and they had traveled to 49 states in four days. These so-called “experts” used phrases like casinos are a “likely hotbed” or that Vegas “could be fueling” the pandemic. Others said it’s “almost certain” that casinos are a feeding ground for Covid-19. So is WalMart!!!!

How irresponsible can you be? Hundreds of thousands of people in Vegas are unemployed because someone who isn’t even going out might die. Enough already with the lies, innuendo, and mischaracterization of “facts”. You have no proof that people are more at risk in casinos than other public places, so stop lying for a headline! Lives are at stake here. The lives of business owners and people who need to leave their houses in order to keep them. This article included zero facts, but the headline is likely to scare some people into postponing a trip to Vegas, when so many people need to feed their families. Truly despicable.

If you come to Vegas, you’re “gambling with your life”! Oh, no!

Yes, having fun is the worst possible thing you could do now. Traveling? Especially to Vegas? Even worse. You’d be “gambling with your life” according to Pro Publica.

Breaking news: There is inherent risk in LIVING. Getting on a plane that might crash, sitting next to someone who, even before March 2020, could give you God-knows-what disease. Drinking too much in Vegas. Hooking up in Vegas, and getting God-knows-what disease…Blowing the house payment on the penny slots…

Enough, already!

Of course the journalists writing this and the doctors they interview for the story have not lost a paycheck. As usual. Why don’t they talk to some business owners who have lost everything? Get their thoughts on things?