“18 Reasons why I won’t be getting the vaccine”

Well researched, with plenty of links, this article by health guru Christian Elliot lays out many of the reasons people like me and others I know are leery of the jab, to say the least. I encourage you to read it and check out the links he’s provided.

I KNOW what the other side says. MSM, including Facebook and Twitter, and government officials all push ONE narrative about Covid “vaccines”. Do your research and come to your own conclusions. Please.

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  1. Mike Poore says:

    Hello Heidi! When I was 5 years old (in kindergarten), my best friend lost his little brother to polio. When vaccines came out, my family was quick to get them (both Salk and Sabin types). As a Veteran, I had to have a lot of inoculations for world-wide deployment. As a senior, I hate getting the Flu shot, but I do. I’m otherwise fit, but I did get both shots. Yes, there is science missing from the narrative, and I don’t think the government has been open and honest with us. The reactions have been wrong. (Lockdowns, etc.) But vaccinations serve a purpose.

  2. Diane Kendall says:

    Good Afternoon Heidi:

    Thank you for sharing. I will be forwarding this information to others. Have a blessed day my friend.

  3. Dennis Dyar says:

    Thanks for your “18 reasons why I won’t be getting the vaccine.” The average age of my wife and I is 77 and we were waiting to see how the vaccines were “doing”. We’re in good health (thank God) so I have serious doubts about getting the vaccine, especially the “2 shot” variety. I really appreciate you putting all that info together. God bless you and yours. Love your radio program…


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