Does anyone who voted for Trump care about his tax returns?

Is anyone surprised at this? The left has again brought us breaking news: that many “rich” people aren’t really that rich, or don’t really have that much liquid cash, when you look below the surface.

How do you define “billionaire”? That you control an empire and assets worth a billion, but might not have much actual cash flow? He might well be, if everything were to be sold off.

I’m no tax expert, but I know many businesses manipulate the numbers and operate with a certain amount of “losses” to avoid pay more taxes than they should. I’d love to see the tax returns of half of Hollywood or Washington DC. For many so-called wealthy people, there’s a lot of bulls**t and bluster.

Once again, will this change any minds? I think not. As always, the people who hate him will say, “I told you so!”, and the ones who love him will hold their hands over their heads and go, “la la la”!

Heidi Harris

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