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Heidi Harris Show Podcast #92: Scarlett, Daniella and the intolerant trans crowd

Scarlett Johannson was supposed to portray a transgender man in movie, and the backlash from the “tolerant” trans community was…predictable. Clearly they don’t understand that ACTORS portray people they AREN’T. A columnist named Daniella Greenbaum dared to point out the ridiculousness of the outcry, and her column was spiked by her employer, Business Insider, because […]

Yes, “young conservatives” social issues still matter

I’ve heard some young, conservative talking heads say that about social issues aren’t important anymore. Some are of the opinion that government shouldn’t concern itself with those, or that the Right should drop them in order to gain more voters. Well, government does concern itself with social issues every day, in a variety of ways, […]


“Every Christian needs to understand that the individual’s calling is at the very heart of faith and that it is imperative that each Christian glorify God with his or her work. Charles Colson   I became a Christian at age 21 when the guy I was dating literally dragged me to church. After being there for […]