Heidi Harris Show Podcast #105: Transgenders demand favorable treatment from Hollywood

Recently, 45 groups, sympathetic to the LGBTQ community, signed a letter demanding to be included in Hollywood movies. They want favorable story lines written about trans people, as if it’s someone else’s job to make anyone feel “safe”.

If you don’t like the way your group or ethnicity is portrayed, take a hint from the many Christians who have created their own production companies, so they can make movies portraying Christians and Biblical values favorably, or at least objectively, and Biblical stories accurately. No one is entitled to anything.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #104: Who are you calling a LIBERAL?

Lately a few posters to my Facebook page have been calling me a liberal, which is laughable, considering that I haven’t waffled, wavered or backed down from my conservative values one inch. My refusal to go with the flow has cost me money and jobs, but I haven’t budged. I am accountable to God, not some Program Director, or the “evolving” GOP platform. Many so-called conservatives, including some in my industry, have gone soft on some major issues, mostly the social ones.

The definition of “conservative” these days seems to have changed. People no longer defend traditional marriage or get annoyed by things like legal prostitution or legal pot, which just a few years ago would have been a given. I actually know a few conservatives who are making MONEY selling legal pot! What makes them different from some Columbian Cartel member? So much for values.

So the next time I have the temerity to question Trump or any other member of the GOP for veering left, save your keystrokes. You’re the ones off track. I don’t drink Koolaid. And I don’t go with the flow. That’s why they’re called VALUES.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #102: Who Defines “Fake News”?

Recently there was a headline about the NRA admitting that the State of New York is costing them huge money because Governor Cuomo is putting pressure on insurance companies and banks who do business with the NRA.

When I posted that story on Facebook, many people rejected it out of hand as “fake news” simply because I posted the link from the New York Post (not exactly a lefty site, at least not politically).

Several other far more left leaning sites were also talking about it. That was pretty disturbing to me that people automatically assumed the story to be false just because of the source. But that just demonstrates how distrust of the media has reached all all time high.

We may distrust them, but they’re not always wrong. Checking all sides of issues is essential.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #100: MGM losing money NOW they want to drop rates?

Too little, too late, kids. MGM Resorts is losing money, and occupancy is down, so NOW they want to drop rates? After they scalped people for parking, added exorbitant “resort fees” and made visitors feel like plucked chickens before they even checked in? Yeah, okay. Too little, WAY too late.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #99: Las Vegas Officer Not Indicted by Grand Jury

Officer Kenneth Lopera was accused of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Tashii Brown, but the Grand Jury saw the situation differently, and refused to indict him. He’s not completely out of the woods legally, but he’s made it over one legal hurdle. Steve Grammas, President of the Las Vegas Police Protective Association, joined me to discuss the case.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #98: YOU are the first responder in a disaster

People have died in the Carr fire in California, and in the case of civilians, it didn’t have to happen.  Personalities don’t change when there’s a fire, hurricane, earthquake, etc. Some are resourceful, but  many are not. The problem with those who don’t take responsibility for themselves and their children and pets is that they drain the resources of first responders. If you wait until the fire fighters are knocking on your door, it’s probably too late to leave, or certainly to make intelligent decisions about what you’ll take. Plan ahead and you’ll be in better shape.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #97: Grand Jury fails to indict officer in “Choke Hold” death

In 2017, Metro Police Officer Kenneth Lopera was involved in an in-custody death, and Tashii Brown was killed. Many believe Officer Lopera had “choked him out” and his Mr. Brown’s death was a direct result of the hold placed on him, but the Grand Jury saw it differently. Although (now former) Officer Lopera is not out of the woods legally, it’s been an interesting case. Steve Grammas, President of the LV Police Protective Association is my guest on my live radio show this morning at 9 AM, on 670 AM KMZQ. Tune in!

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #96: HALF of kids haven’t climbed a TREE?

A survey in the UK recently found that today’s kids don’t even want to play outside and many have never built a fort or climbed a tree! How is this possible? We LIVED outside when I was a kid. The larger question is: what kind of people are we raising who have never done anything out of sight of their parents? I shudder to think.